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Tales from the Kwik-E-Mart Chapter 3

It’s Friday Again! That means. …  Another Chapter of Tales from the Kwik-E-Mart!

Read on!

This Chapter opens up with Bart, Lisa, and Homer at breakfast about to go back to work

Bart said” guys, I’m telling you, I saw a Vandal spray paint the side of the Kwik-E-Mart last night!”

 “Are you sure you didn’t see yourself in a puddle last night? ”  said Lisa sarcastically. 

Bart said” Fine, don’t believe me. You’re with me right dad?” “Huh?”  Said Homer, who was stuffing his face full with Pancakes.

 Bart groaned, and then Maggie Tapped him on the shoulder. Bart said” What do you want Maggie?” Maggie pointed to a Block with “I”, then she pointed to little sign that Marge had hung up said “believe”, and then then Maggie Pointed at Bart. Bart was astonished, and said” you believe me?” 

Maggie shook her head. Bart said “Awesome!”  Bart said to Marge “Can I take Maggie to the Kwik-E-Mart with me today?”  Marge said “Sure, just bring her back by nap time.” So Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie drove to the Kwik-E-Mart. They arrived, and the first customer walked in.

 It was Grampa. He walked up to Homer and said “I need some denture cream, and be quick about it”! Homer said Childishly” Daaad, you’ll embarrass me in front of the perv guys with the magazines!” The Guys started to laugh at Homer, meanwhile, Bart and Maggie were talking. 

Bart said “So who do you think it is”? Maggie shrugged her shoulders. Bart then saw Apu walk up to the trash can and throw away the spray can. Bart thought to himself”  Why would Apu vandalize his own store?” Apu then walked over to them and said “The Store has been Vandalized, as part of the deal, you will stay after the store closes and clean it. Which won’t take off any hours from what you owe me!”  

Apu walked out and Bart said to Maggie “We’ve got a motive, I’ll go to Lisa to see if she can help us.” Bart walked to the Back and told Lisa what happened. Lisa said” But Apu can’t be that cruel.” Bart said “We’re talking about the guy who marks up prices for War Veterans.”  

Lisa said “Hmmmm. Tell you what, while I still think Apu didn’t do it, you should go up to Apu’s Brother, Sanjay’s house and get some info out of him.” 

“Sounds like a plan ” said Bart. It was time for his lunch break, and Bart and Maggie went up to Sanjay’s house and rang the bell. No one came to the door. 

Bart saw an open window and jumped in. Bart walked around the house carrying Maggie, when Maggie Tapped Bart on the Shoulder and pointed at a note on the fridge. Bart walked over to it and read it.

 It said “I’m going to hit the Kwik-E-Mart again tonight. Won’t be long.”  Bart gasped and Maggie’s Binkie fell out of mouth. Was Sanjay the Vandal? Bart bent over to pickup the Pacifier when he heard someone walking down The stairs. Bart quickly nabbed to Binkie and ran out the  door. Bart and Maggie got to the store in time for Bart’s Break to be over. Bart and Maggie was on pins and needles the rest of the day. 

When it was finally time to clockout, Bart ran out the store holding Maggie, and he saw a figure about to vandalize the side again. Bart ran after him into the alley. Lisa said “Wait up”, and followed him. The Three kids clearly saw the Vandal it was… .. . . 

Sorry to wrap this up so close to the bjf reveal, find out next Friday who the Vandal Is! 

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  1. Aaaaarghhhh! The tension is killing me…unless it IS me…:D

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