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Tales from the Kwik-E-Mart Finale! 

Hi Tappers! After a Few long weeks, it’s finally the finale! Find out who the Graffiti Artist is, by reading on! 

(Also Read Chapter’s 1-3 of Tales from the Kwik-E-Mart first, or you won’t know what’s going on)

The Chapter opens up with Bart, Lisa, and Maggie confronting the Vandal in the Alley. 

The Kids got a good look at the Vandal, and Bart cried out “It’s you… . Jay!”  “Me, Jay Sherman”? 

Bart Said”  no, not you, Jamshed, A.K.A., Jay!!!! “

Jay said” Fine, it’s me. ” Lisa said” So sorry to but in, but why’d you do it Jay?” 

Jay said” I wanted to get revenge on you guys. Especially Bart . You destroyed my whole supply of food last time, and I wanted to get revenge on my uncle for putting you up to it. I figured I could solve both my problems but destroying Apu’s storefront, Making you work, and defacing the side of the Kwik-E-Mart. I was the one who gave your father that food remember?    


The Simpsons were on their way to pickup Homer’s Car at the shop when they were stopped… .  

Homer said” I can’t wait until the car’s back. Legs aren’t meant to move in this day age!”

 The Simpsons then were stopped on their walk by Jay. 

He said” Hello Mr. Simpson, I went out to eat with my friends but it seems like I accidentally bought regular Burgers instead of veggie burgers, I would hate to waste them”-Homer swiftly swiped the Burgers and the Simpsons continued to walk to the Auto Shop.

 When they got there they got the car back and went inside;there were still some Burgers in the bag, and Homer started the car. 

Homer accidently stepped on the Gas pedal and Bart lurched to the front of the car trying to hang on to the Steering wheel  and steer at the Same time.

“Dad, stop eating while driving or we’re going to drive into the Kwik-E-Mart”-

End of Flashback 

Jay said “and I would’ve gotten away with it too, if weren’t for you meddling kids-and baby.

 It turns out that Apu heard the whole thing. He made Jay take the jobs of the of the Simpsons, expect for Maggie. She got a high paying promotion…..  As Jay’s Supervisor. 

The End! 

Did you like the series? Did you like the Finale? Want to see a new Fan Fiction series ? Do you want to see a Behind the Scenes post on the Series with some Never before seen outtakes? Comment Below! 

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  1. Great Finale Robobot! I loved the flashback scene. I am intrigued by a Behind the Scenes post with some never seen before outtakes … so yes I would like to see that.

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