Number 12! That means (aproximatley) 3 months since we started doing roundups (what??). These are posts where I round up all of the latest Simpsons, Tapped Out and TOuk news that happened in the last week. 

There will also be ‘animation of the week’ which is a part of the post that celebrates a character animation that we like or find funny! And as Season 28 has started I will inform you about the upcoming episode.

Also use this post as an open thread that will be up 1pm every Sunday! Can you be the first to comment? 

On Tuesday 27th, I overviewed and reviewed last week’s episode, Monty Burns Fleeing Episode. 

FYI, All episodes will be reviewed and overviewed the following Tuesday after it airs. So remember to tune in!

On Wednesday,  Robot covered the basics and details for Laird Lad and the Retro Lard Lad. Items leave: October 4th!

On Friday, The 4× Springfield Heights reward started and it is a huge help!

I also posted Part 2 of what I want from THOH 2016. We’re waiting for the day we get the first teaser – my bets on Monday.

On Saturday 

Today’s Simpson episode is … Friends and Family 

Conversation starter: What do you want in THOH 2016? 

Please tell us your answers, chat amongst each other about the conversation starter (event news etc) and comment.

Do you agree with the animation choice? Any opinions on this week’s post? Please chat in the comments and I can’t wait to see where this goes

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