Hello fellow tappers and I present you with another ‘Tappers Weekly Roundup’ where we will round up all of the latest Simpsons, Tapped Out and TOuk news that happened in the last week. There will also be ‘animation of the week’ which is a part of the post that celebrates a character animation that we like or find funny! So read on to get your week roundup …

Also use this post as an open thread that will be up 1pm every Sunday! Can you be the first to comment?

First of all I would like to apologise! The event hit this week and we haven’t done much posts. Had a big WiFi problem but I promise that loads of Sci-Fi posts are coming!

On Monday
15th August

We closed off the Springfield Games with a showcase!

FeliciaFancy did a great guest post on life changes she made for TSTO. How addicted are you? Proof it in the comments 😉

On Tuesday
16th August

– love this event so far!! Always wanted an event based on the future episodes so big thank you to EA!

On Wednesday
17th August

🎁 It was Robobot’s birthday 🎁

On Thursday
18th August

I overviewed Mr Grimes and my opinion on whether you should buy him. Did you?

On Friday
19th August

Robobot released the second chapter of his ‘Tales from the Kwik-E-Mart’!

On Saturday
– 20th August

I had WiFi trouble 😢 no posts!

And now for …
Animation of the Week

Stephen Hawking – DJ some tunes

Doesn’t need explanation! Just flipping awesome 😊 love it!

Do you agree with the animation choice? Any opinions on this week’s post? Please chat in the comments and I can’t wait to see where this goes

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