Hello fellow tappers and I present you with another ‘Tappers Weekly Roundup’ where we will round up all of the latest Simpsons, Tapped Out and TOuk news that happened in the last week. There will also be ‘animation of the week’ which is a part of the post that celebrates a character animation that we like or find funny! So read on to get your week roundup …

Also use this post as an open thread that will be up 1pm every Sunday! Can you be the first to comment?

First of all I would like to address something. You may be thinking, “doesn’t Sam usually do the Roundup?”  Well, Sam is away camping, and I’ll be doing the Roundup this week. Back to your regularly  scheduled programing. 🙂 

On Monday …
22th August

The Sci-Fighter Leaderboard was posted. Have you entered your score yet? 

I also did an All You Need to Know post on Robo Burns and Doggy Smithers 

On Tuesday
23rd August 

Sam did a post on The New Rockstar Maggie Gil Deal! 

On Wednesday …
24th August

Sam did a post on Sci Fighter and Flashing. Helpful for the Leaderboard! 

On Thursday
25th August

I did an All You Need to Know post on the Giant Robot with a new and improved layout 

Sam did a Origin Post and Rockstar Maggie and some other futuristic items 

On Friday
26th August

I released Tales from the Kwik-E-Mart Chapter 3!

Sam also did a Very Helpful and Informative Guide on the Act 1 SciFi Prizes 

On Saturday
– 27th August

I did an Origin Post on Sgt Skinner 

Sam did a (early) Rundown on Act 2

Sam did a post about character apologies that wouldn’t have been possible without friends at ToUK 🙂

And now for …
Animation of the Week

Giuseppe: Narrowly Avoid Losing His Fingers 

I love this task. I can imagine Him Blasting Robots with Fireworks lol 

Do you agree with the animation choice? Any opinions on this week’s post? Please chat in the comments and I can’t wait to see where this goes

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