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Technical Difficulties: Logging in error [FIXED]

Problem is solved!

A weird, slightly ironic and annoying glitch has occurred with the arrival of another patch. A majority of you, including all of us, have reported being logged out of your game and then not being able to log back it.

What happens?

You open the game and you may see this message:

And then after putting details in you get this horrible surprise!

It is happening to a vast majority because Origin servers are offline!

Creepily recent to this glitch, the Simpsons released a remake of a “Labour Pain” scene about Pokémon Go:

And Pokémon Go is reknown for it’s server issue, especially this afternoon, so it seems like something dodgy is happening that I can’t quite grasp!

Some are reporting being logged out but being able to log in! These people happen to be in the US so something is happening! Stay tight

Once the problem is solved or I grasp what has happened then I will update this post. Stay calm and if you haven’t logged in since this glitch then don’t log in just to be sure!

For all you true Brits: where is it from

Read this post about the upcoming 600th episode or read the fan fiction series or write us a letter whilst this mania is solved. May be a while!

Now that you can’t tap it kinda ruined my catchphrase. Never mind … HappyTapper out!

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  1. Simpsons rule

    July 17, 2016 at 8:46 am

    I’m still playing pokemon go easily also I’m still logged in tapped out and still play on it easily no problem for me and I from the UK

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