Happy Fathers Day! Did you get breakie in bed this morning dads?
Just a quick fun post to liven your Sunday!

In this post we will celebrate some of the dads in the Simpsons and we will quickly review them so that you can vote for who you think fits the father categories (details in post)! …



Name: Homer Simpson
Father to: Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson
Father: Abe Simpson

Quick Review: Don’t let his silly quotes, body physique and constant strangling habits fool you! Inside of all that fat is a man who loves his family. He may not b a “good” and moral father but he would be very fun to have as a dad!



Name: Clancy (Chief) Wiggum
Father to: Ralph Wiggum

Quick Review: Very similar to Homer but he doesn’t have to do much work! He just let’s Ralph do what he wants, when he wants! Whether this is fun is up to you 🙂


Name: Snake Jailbird
Father to: Jeremy Jailbird

Quick Review: Apart from his criminal records this man is a great dad. He truly loves his son and he sometimes takes him on fun adventures/robberies with him! Fun?


Name: Kirk Van Houten
Father to: Milhouse Van Houten

Quick Review: Kirk would be a “fun” dad to have and he uses the tactic to start the expectations low and boring so that when something small happens you get excited easily! 🙂


Name: Ned Flanders
Father to: Todd and Rod Flanders
Father: Nedward Flanders

Quick Review: Discarding how boring it would be to have him as a dad he obviously knows what is ethically right for his children and family! I love his funny quotes

“And harry potter and his wizard friends … went straight to hell for practising witchcraft!

So now you get to vote! These are the categories and vote below the category for who you think, out of the options reviewed above, would win that category:

– Best overall!
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– Best Family man Who cares for their family/children the most?
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– Funniest Dad (has the most fun) Who would be the funniest dad and the one you could have most fun with?
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– Good Dad Which dad does the right thing for their child?
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Voting closes Midnight BST/11:00pm GMT on the 25th June so that the winners can be announced 26th June

Please vote above so that the results won’t be boring!

And of course we can’t have father’s day without mentioning some funny Homer quotes …

What is your favourite Homer quote?

Happy Father’s Day tappers! 🙂

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