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The Maths of XP Farming

Level 60 has arrived and with it arrives more than 900 more levels! These levels mean nothing but numbers and some Bonuts! So many of you are trying to level-up fast – because there are no items or questlines to worry about – to get 1 donut for every Level!


Many of you are using a method called “XP Farming” which I will explain what this means, the risks and the maths of this fun term! So join me to find out more …

What is “XP Farming”?

It is a term for a logical way to gain more donuts! It’s a tactic of buying and then selling items to gain XP to level up and get donuts!

Should I “XP Farm”?

It is really up to you! You do it with the risk of running out of stuff to do when there is no event! If you really commit to this then you could reach level 939 and then running out of stuff to aim up to – remember EA might not add any more “levels”. I would do this for a bit – to gain donuts – but then stop so that you have something to do when Springfield is neutral!

How to “XP farm” …

First buy 24hr XP collider (this will speed it up!) …

Then make sure you have loads of cash (ingame not real) and then buy as many Rat-Trap delivery trucks as you can untill you don’t want to, or can’t, spend any more!

Then press the back button. If you brought enough then you should get a spam of unlock screens and donuts!!!

Then sell all of your trucks – which should give you more money which you can use to start the process again if you want! Make sure you do this in the 24hr slot so that you can multiply the XP by 5 times!!!

Other people use bloodmobiles instead of trucks and this works out similar!
Weather Stations give a better value back after selling but it would be time consuming as every station gives a lot less XP then a bloodmobile or Rat-Trap delivery truck!

The Maths of XP farming

So to understand this we need to know that the trucks cost $150000 and when you sell them you get $37500 meaning that every time you buy and sell a truck you loose $112500 and gain 50000 XP with the XP collider so the equation would look something like this

XP gain = 50000(currentmoney รท112500 [round down])

Or simple steps …

1) Divide your current amount of money by 112500 and then round this number down.
2) Times this number by 50000 and that’s how much XP you will gain

Hope this has helped! Have you XP farmed? Enjoyed Level 60? Tell me below and happy tapping!

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  1. Do you know if our money & xp boost also get multiplied after the 5 times increase? like if I have 100% boost from decorations, do i then multiply my final xp number by 2?

    • Fyi anybody, yes it does, I got at least 2x xp from just doing the math last time I xp farmed. Maybe I was the only one wondering, but at least I got the answer haha.

  2. Another fantastic post Sam! Some really useful info there that should help alot of people out.

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