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The Origins of: Big Digi Ben (Plus My Return!!) 

Hi Future Tappers! I’m back. Sorry for the bit of hiatus of me writing posts, but I’m back, with the origins of the Big Digi Ben! 

(The Big Digi Ben makes it’s first appearance in the episode “Lisa’s Wedding”  when Lisa visits Hugh in London, but this post will primarily focus on it’s appearance in the more recent episode “Holidays of Future Passed) 

So. ….  In the Episode, the now adult rock star Maggie Simpson, Is pregnant, and is apart of a British Rock Band. On her way to her Hotel, the Benny Hilton,

While Walking past the Big Digi Ben! 

Every Clock is going to turn digital eventually! 

So that’s the origin of The Big Digi Ben. If you wanna see the origins of the Slyberdine Systems and other items, read Sam’s Orgin Post. Are you happy to see me back? Comment Below! 

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  1. Looks like, between those two pics, that it just appears out of nowhere. Did you notice that?

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