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The Origins of: Cinnabun, Springfield Glenne Condos, and Banana Dictatorship

Hey Tappers! The Season 28 Premier update is coming to an end, so it’s time for the Origins of Cinnabun, Springfield Glenne Condos, and Banana Dictatorship! 

All of these Items come from the episode The D’ohcial Network. The episode starts with The Simpsons at Court, where Lisa is being interrogated and chewed out by the Blue Haired Lawyer. 

Marge tells Lisa to tell her side of the story. Lisa decides to tell the story about what happened, and it started out with Homer watching TV. ….. From another person’s car….  While Driving!! 

Homer is upset at the kid for his head covering the screen, and Marge reminds him (and the audience) that they are going to the Springfield Glenne Mall for some shopping. They Pull into a Parking spot. Homer then sees someone pull over near them, who thinks that they are about to leave. Homer decides to stay in the car for a little longer and pretend to do things in the car to prank the guy. 

After that’s over, the Family has a good laugh and they go to the shopping area. While they walking around, Banana Dictatorship is visible in the background.

Homer decides to play with the trolley by doing a belly bump with its front. While Homer’s doing that, Marge looks around to see the Springfield Glenne Condos. 

Lenny walks out. He tells the Simpsons that he just moved in. Lenny asks them what they’re all going to do at the Mall together. Marge tells him it’s just a family outing, and the Simpsons get on the Trolley. On the Trolley, Marge takes out a wad of gift cards. She holds them in her hands, and they each pick one. 

Homer first gets a gift card for a educational place, so he puts it back and gets a Cinnabun Card. 

Luckily, The trolley just pulled up near Cinnabun, so Homer gets off the Trolley, and goes inside. Homer tells the guy that he wants a spool of Cinnabuns, and to keep doing it until the card is out of money.

 Homer also tells him to close the curtains 😆

So those are the Origins of these 3 items? What’s your opinion on these items? Do the have all of them? Comment Below! 

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  1. That’s the best way to eat a cinnamon bun 🙂

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