Hey Terrifying Tappers! The THOH event for this year has started, and a new event comes with new items! The new item that we will be seeing the origin of today is the Crazy Iguana Lady, the New Crazy Cat Lady Skin!

This Insane Iguana lover made her first and only appearance in The Episode “Treehouse of Horror XXIII”. 
The Episode opens with a peek into Mayan Civilization to way back when. The first person we see in this opening is the Crazy Iguana Lady herself, throwing iguanas!

 I would talk more about her, but that’s it! She only appears for a few seconds. This wouldn’t be the first one shot character though. I guess Every Civilization has some people that are a little loopy. If The Crazy Cat Lady went insane after being overworked being a Lawyer, and a Doctor, maybe the Crazy Iguana Lady was overworked being a Mayan Healer and Lawperson!
So that is the bite-sized origin of a bite-sized appearance! Have you gotten her yet? Comment Below!

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