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The Origins of: Fatov, Pin Collecting Lisa and the Pin Stand

It’s game time in Springfield as Springfielders unite to start The Springfield Games, instead of going to Rio Olympics, in this new mini-event. With new prizes and items in store it means that many of episodes to remeber and origins to explore.

I find it a tad odd that some items from a curling (a winter sport) themed and a winter set episode have arrived in a Summer Sport games mini-event but they are fun items and they have an origin in The Simpsons. Read on for a reminder of the episode Pin Collector Lisa, Pin Collecting Stand and Fatov come from and there appearance in it …

All these items come from “Boy meets Curl”. The items that we are overviewing today come from the side-plot (pin collecting) part of the episode and not the main Curling plot. This is an overview of the whole episode though.


Date night is ruined when Homer has to stay at work to fix a leaky pipe and a late decision movie is ruined by a noisy audience, they left as soon as they find out that it stars Ben Affleck 😂. On the way home they notice the Skates ‘N’ Such ice rink and Marge wants to have a go because it is a sport that encourages hand holding.


The Skate rental is closed but they soon find out that many familiar Springfield faces (including Ruth Powell, Mr Skinner, Skinner’s mum and many others) take part in Curling – not “cleaning the night on a Saturday night’. Marge and Homer soon decide to take part on the eve of the 17th of November.

Curling love

Romance soons brew between them and combined with Marge’s sweeping skills and Homer’s bowling skills they make the perfect pair and are announced part of the team by Mrs Skinner.

Seymour ‘slid’ into the Simpsons ‘house’ to announce that mixed curling will be a demonstration event at the Winter Olympics. If only Homer’s perception of the Winter Olympics were true:

Winter Olympics

The Curling team all build up to the trials and we get a flashback to Mrs Skinner’s romance where her husband left in a 50s style romance. She went back to her love of Pole Volting and at the Helsinki Olympics she was pregnant with Skinner. He decided to kick when she jumped and knocked the “stick” off. (Her flashback is reviewed more in her birthday post)

Screenshot_2016-08-04-22-00-27 Screenshot_2016-08-04-22-00-41 Screenshot_2016-08-04-22-03-28 Screenshot_2016-08-04-22-03-37

Marge is told to not let her feelings get in the way of winning.

Then we get a pan of the curly trials


Then we get to the pin collecting side-plot we have been waiting for:

Lisa notices that a “girl” with a pin covered hat had dropped one of her pins. After telling the “girl”, the “girl” let’s Lisa keep it with a warning that “collecting Olympic pins can be addictive” – sure she wasn’t talking about TSTO?

Screenshot_2016-08-04-22-07-00 Screenshot_2016-08-04-22-07-08

Lisa notices that the pin looks lonely by itself and rushes to an Olympic Pin store.


The pins persuade her – “buy us!” – and Lisa gets a pin. A few of the pins that persuade Lisa are ones that you have to collect for the pin collecting mini game. We then find out that the store manager had been using a man, with a wig as the girl Lisa saw, to persuade others to buy pins as a business tactic.


We go back to the trails where Homer has “thrown it” too hard but Marge re-routes it and they get it in the circle meaning that they are going to Vancouver!


I love this next part. On the drive into Vancouver they stop at the Traffic Lights and Homer spots one of my favourite characters – Crash Boob Lady (aka. Medicine Lady).


Homer: “Oh, she used to be my therapist”

At the Opening Ceremony the countries hilariously enter to the Ghostbusters theme because the ceremony was staged by Ivan Reitman – the man who brought us Ghostbusters!


We meet Milhoose, the Canadian version of Milhouse, and a Canadian doppelganger of Nelson. Lisa tells them that she was planning on stopping by the pin store to fill in some gaps.

Marge is told that after the lucky incidence Homer is letting the team down. Homer overhears and slides away on a bobsleigh sliding through a bobsleigh track.


Lisa trades in her pearls to get an ultra rare pin after walking through a pin market. The costume she is in for this scene is the inspiration for her TSTO appearance. The pin store that Lisa trades in her pearls for is the same style as the pin collecting store in the game.


Lisa is truly addicted to pins and is seen by Bart playing sax to earn money with pins for a dress.

Screenshot_2016-08-04-22-23-23 Screenshot_2016-08-04-22-23-54

After a bad throw from Homer, Marge needs to frantically sweep to amazingly pull this off. She does it but causes an injury titled that she will ‘Never curl again’! 😱 *gasp*
At the cabin the family are packing up when we find out that Marge is amazing with her left arm being secretly left handed.
Then Bart tried to help Lisa by making her give up all of her pins and now for the origin of Fatov part of the episode:

Bart takes Homer’s Driving License and cuts out part of his face.

He then turns it around and draw two dots for eyes:

Bart goes to the stand and says that it is a pin from 2013 Olympics of Russia. Named Fatov he represents Russians spirit of sloth and alcoholism. The man and Fatov have a dancing and ice fantasy and Bart get’s Lisa’s pearls back.

To cut the story short (because we just reviewed the origins we need) Homer and Marge amazingly help USA win! Whoo!


The episode ends with Fatov and homer dancing on ice (the orign behind Fatov’s dancing task) and the screen flips to show us that Fatov is Homer’s face upside down:


Fatov also briefly appears in “Every Man’s Dream” as a tattoo on a back:

So there is the overview for Boy meets Curl exploring the origin of Fatov and the pin collecting stuff. Hope you enjoyed it. Happy tapping …


Please consider that I am on holiday so comments may be a bit late approving but please still comment and every night I will come, check and reply. Thank you 🙂

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  1. There are 202 countries that playing in this year Olympic but there 195 or 196 countries in the world

  2. Is it just me or are a lot of the countries pictured at the opening ceremony not really known for participating in winter sports?

    Zambia? Zimbabwe? Vietnam? Venezuela?

    • That’s what I thought! LOL
      I guess it is just to make the fact that they had to go through A-Z a lot funnier because more countries.
      Thanks for commenting btw

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