Hi Terrifying Tappers! Today’s post is an origin on one of the new items, Filmmaker Lisa! 

Filmmaker Lisa actually never appeared in the show in costume. But she did make a movie in the episode “Any Given Sundance” 

The episode starts with The family at a Tailgate Party. Lisa’s bored, so she decides to work on her Film Project. 

Lisa goes around the Tailgate, and she finds tons of awesome shots, and says to herself that she’s a born Filmmaker. 

Lisa then turns her movie into rye visual arts teacher, and he’s not impressed, and gives it a 3 out of 5. 

Lisa’s upset about this grade and goes to Principal Skinner 

Skinner says that Lisa’s movie is good, and Skinner even let’s Lisa get some stuff from the AV room to make another movie 

Lisa goes home, and decides to make a documentary about the Simpsons. Lisa tells the family to act natural 

Skinner and Chalmers hear about Skinner’s Movie, and the movie is sent to Sundance. Lisa’s movie gets accepted, and she is proud of her filmmaking skills. Later, the Simpsons go to Sundance, and they see that the movie is about the sad and negative aspects of the family. The Simpsons are upset and Lisa feels bad. Lisa then learns a lesson about film, and everything is back to normal 

So that’s the origins Filmmaker Lisa. Sorry this felt rushed, I’ve just been busy recently. 😅


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