Hi Spooky Skyfingers! As always, a new event comes with new items and you wonder, “I wonder where this item originated”. Well Have no fear! Today’s item getting the origin treatment is the new premium Hellementary School! 

The Hellementary School made its first and only appearance in THOH XXV, specifically in the first segment, “School is Hell “

The first segment starts normal with Bart in detention mocking Skinner. 

Skinner leaves, and detention is running long, so Bart gets bored. He walks around the desks, until he sees a blurry desk, that that he wipes off to reveal ancient runes. 

Bart goes to get Lisa to touch it. Lisa gets there, and she takes out her Mypad and loads the IRunes app to translate the writing. 

Bart reads the translation, and a hellfire hand comes out of the desk, and pulls them into the Hellementary School. 

Once inside, they meet a nice monster kid, and he gives them the tour of the school. 

Bart with his evil nature, does really well in hell school. 

Meanwhile, Lisa finds a Map to a Portal that will take them home. They use the portal, which was Mt. Burns Hellport directly in his office. 

Bart goes home, and he tells Marge and Homer that he wants to change schools. Homer and Marge visit the school, and it shows the first establishing shot of the school.

With much hesitation, Marge lets Bart go to hell school, where he gets straight A’s. 

For his final exam, Bart has to torture Homer. 

Refreshingly, Bart doesn’t want to hurt Homer, and Bart only does it because Homer told him that he was a winner, and that he wants Bart to do it so he can succeed. Awww 

So that’s the origin of the Hellementary School. Comment Below your opinions on this item! 


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