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The Origins of: Ladybot 

Hi Time Traveling Tappers! With some great new items offered as prizes or items it means that there are many different origins to explore and many episodes to review. LadyBot is a premium character that can be offered in many different ways and bundle.

The Bundle Breakdown: Future-Proofed House, LadyBot and Frink!

The Ladybot made her first and only appearance in the Season 27 Episode

Love Is in the N2-O2-Ar-CO2-Ne-He-CH4

(Which in Layman’s terms Is “Love is in the Air”)

The episode begins with it being Valentine’s Day in Springfield. Homer takes Marge to the Power Plants Valentine’s Dance, where Homer sees Professor Frink standing by himself.

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Frink is upset that he doesn’t have a date and that he’s single after seeing all the happy couples. The next day Homer sees Frink drunk and upset at the Power Plant so he agrees to help Frink get a Date. Homer and Frink go to Frink’s lab, where Homer teaches Frink about love. The duo make all sorts of “improvements”  to Frink to make him more attractive to women. (Contacts, Manly Voice, Taller)

Frink goes to the Yoga studio to meet women, and his new look causes him to get the number of every lady in the Class.

Frink’s popularity sours as every lady in Springfield wants to be his girlfriend. Frink doesn’t have any time for studies, so he invites every woman to the Observatory, saying that he is going to pick who he wants to be with. Secretly, Frink also invited all the men, and Frink used the Power of science to pair up every man with a woman. Marge asks Frink why he did it, and he told her that scientific discovery was his true love.

(Except researching can get lonely so he brings in the Ladybot)

The Ladybot should have an animated task with her mother LOL.

So that’s the origin of the Ladybot. Did you buy her? Were you lucky enough to get the rebate? Comment Below!

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  1. Was she in that episode just for that one scene (the one in the clip)?

  2. Nice work! 🙂

    Yup…picked her up straight away!

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