This post would have a massive title if I included all the items that come from the Radioactive Man episode due to the mass amount of items that come from this episode.

In this post we explore the origin story, because all Superheroes and super items need one, behind items in our games. We will explore where these items come from:

  • The Scout Master
  • Sidekick Milhouse
  • Spirograph Factory
  • Aqua World Fuel Tank
  • Aqua World Prison Tower
  • Aqua World Fishing Platform
  • Aqua World Main Guard Tower
  • Aqua World Wharf
  • Alien
  • Milhouse’s Trailer
  • Painted Horse
  • X-Ray Truck
  • Radioactive Man Movie Set

I know! Can you imagine the title? So strap on for a trip down memory lane for a true classic episode …

The episode opens with Bart and Milhouse finding out that they are doing a feature film on Radioactive Man. Comic Book guy finds out who will play the lead – Answer: Wolfcastle – and that the movie team “want to stay away from the campy 70s version as possible” where we get a flashback to a 70s style scene of the original Radioactive Man series with The Scoutsmaster as the villian

“Don’t be afraid to use your nails boys”

Auditions are held at Springfield Elementary to find a Fallout Boy at the announcement that the movie will be filmed at Springfield.

Fast forward some a pan of new Springfield and a flashback of actor Moe and we go to the auditions for Fallout Boy at the elementary where Bart amazes everyone in the queue with his dialogue. Luan makes Milhouse audition dispite his lack of interest for acting.

Bart is made to keep saying his line over again because the team’s love it! Excitement bubble is burst as Bart is an inch too short. Bart tries to grow an inch with many techniques including putting on heels but the team have already announced that Milhouse will play Fallout Boy. We even see a fun cameo of Luan’s Jacuzzi Suit task:

The team decide to pay the Simpson’s family $50 a day to film at their house. Bart then visits the movie studio where we see a similar style trailer to Milhouse’s (his actual one comes later) for costumes and Wolfcastle hilariously trying to pronounce Radioactive Man’s tagline :

Voice couch: “Up and Atom” 

Wolfcastle: “Up and at them”
Repeated three times the same but with more expression – very funny scene!

Bart then blows up a Milhouse dummy and points out a cycling “Milhouse” that gets run over by the X-Ray truck only to find out that it is Milhouse’s stuntman.
The real Milhouse is put under the truck to create the Fallout Boy origin story in the movie:

Then straight away we see the painted horses although they look different in this scene:


Martin: Er, sir? Why don’t you just use real cows

Man: Cows don’t look like cows on film. You gotta use horses

Ralph: What do you do when you want something that looks like a horse?

Man: *shrugs shoulders* we usually just tape a bunch of cats together

Then a few more irrelevant parts and then Bart visits Milhouse’s trailer and see Sidekick (Fallout Boy) Milhouse.

The team then film the Aqua World scene with Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy tied up in the Prison Tower and a previous zooming shot of all the Aqua World items:


Then we go to the Power Plant where they are filming the acid scene with “real acid” but Fallout Boy doesn’t turn up to save Wolfcastle before the acid sends him flying into another trailer. 

See the rundown of the Gil Deal here

Find the VIDEO here


Wolfcastle: Only Fallout Boy can save me now!


Director: Where’s Fallout Boy?

Wolfcastle: *gasp*

Director: Fallout Boy?

Wolfcasle: Uh oh! *puts on goggles*

acid pours over him

Wolfcastle: My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

We find out that Milhouse has run away. Springfield goes crazy trying to find him and an editor feels like he has the solution by editing clips in to finish the movie with Milhouse.
We get a cameo of the alien:


Bart checks many places, favourites of Milhouse, to try and find Milhouse including the Spirograph Factory where we meet Dr. S

Bart: Hey Dr. S! Have you seen Milhouse today?

Dr. S: No

Bart: Okay, thanks

Dr. S: Wait, did you know that there is a direct correlation between the decline of spirograph and the raising gain activity. Think about it.

Bart: I will

Dr. S: Noo you won’t

He then checks the Treehouse where he finds Milhouse in full costume. Milhouse says a touching speech about the real heroes in this world. Mickey Rooney then jumps from his helicopter to see Milhouse about being a child actor and not quitting.

The team then left and Mickey makes Springfield guilty and Springfield goes normal and the team go back to hollywood …

Where people treat each other right


And the episode ends with “Lean on me” to accompany the credits.

So there you have the rundown of every item that came from Radioactice Man with a episode rundown and favourite episode quotes. Hope you enjoyed it. Happy tapping …

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