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The Ranks and Crimes of Frank Grimes

Thanks to Broods for the funny post title 😊

I write this post with genuine excitement for this update! It’s awesome –amazing opportunity for future design, great prizes, fun concept with hilarious dialogue and a cool selection of new, returning and rebated items.

All items offer something unique and different for our towns and with this mega cool sci-fi event we see the possible help of Frank Grimes.

For more info on Frank Grimes in this event and whether we think you should spend your sprinklies on him and the forgotten grave, read on …

Grimey can help in the event?

Frank Grimes can earn 66 event currency at the Polyvac, which is double the normal amount for homer and the duplicates.

He is offered at the same price, 160 donuts, but has been moved to the Sci-Fi store just as a gentle reminder that he helps.
Players below Level 51 can, I believe, get him.

You will notice that Frank and the grave have a worrying ‘limited time’ label below with that beckoning and persuasive countdown. From what it looks like Frank may disappear from the store permanently after this event – emphasis on may.

This almost definitely will be fixed if I am right so don’t worry, get your hand away from the panic button 🚨and take the normal dose – two pills twice a day – of chill pills

The Facts and Stats:

Price: 160🍩
What do you get? Frank Grimes and the forgotten graves
Bonus: Grave offers a neat bonus of 3.75%
Payout: Premium

The downsides:

  • Grave is static – tad boring, unless you built a handmade graveyard.
  • Frank really only has one decent animated task – one is a bit boring and hidden!
  • Have to work through a lengthy questline to actually unlock him in the first place

    The tasks:

    • Plot against Homer – 1hr Brown House
    • Electrocute Himself 4hrs animated (visual)
    • Find peace in the grave 8hrs grave (animated)
    • Work hard against the odds 12hrs Power Plant
    • Rent a cramped room 24hrs Nearest Brown HouseHouse

    The evil in me really wanted him to have an electrocute himself task at the High Voltage Regulator (remember? Superhero Sequel craftable)!

    This back from the dad plant worker is getting some love – wouln’t really call non-stop electrocution love but nevermind – in this Sci-Fi event!

    When you pay your 160 donuts and placed your grave you will notice no Grimey! I saw you reach for the panic button – well don’t.

    Work through the questline – a lot of digging for Homer – and you will eventually unlock Grimes for your town!

    Is he worth it – especially with his help of the event?

    Premium: I love having Grimes stroll around my town, the fact that he is voiced made me hand my wallet over way before the event.
    The fact that he helps with the event is a nice bonus – and makes me reccomend him more! From the future and he doesn’t help with the event? Then I still reccomend him.
    He does have a high price tag so think about it – the sooner the better though.

    Freemium: Offered at a high price tag for what it is, is a big downside – especially when you work hard for the donuts!
    He is a very nice addition but there are better combos and stuff out there – like the amazing Soul Extraction place! I would pass unless you are really struggling with the event and really want Grimes.

    Final Verdict
    Premium: If you love this character then get him. Has a huge helping bonus to the event and is a fun voiced addition.

    Freemium: Consider better and cheaper combos and items out there – the soul extraction institute offers 2 characters and 1 helps with the event! ~ More on that in a later Robobot post 😊

    So there you go … The ins and outs of old grimsey boy. Back in town looking for the oaf we call Homer!

    Will you get him? Already got him? Feel sorry for all the electrocuting you keep sending him on? Amazed by this event – look out for a post on ‘the little things that please me’!
    Please tell us below … Have a safe journey back to whatever dimension you came from and Happy tapping science skyfingers

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    1. Probably not going to buy Grimey, not one of my personal favourites.

      I am loving the event so far as well. Great design opportunities. I like being able to unlock all the crafting together and having them available for the whole event it, makes it so much easier to plan. I also love to robot tapping mini game.

    2. Another great post Sam! 🙂

      I was really looking forward to this and brought him straight away after I realised he can work the event currency instantly! No digging up necessary ♡

    3. I unlocked Grimey right after the event started. He appeared instantly and I put him on his task to earn matter right away following the event related quest that popped up for him. The whole original quest line never appeared, so no lengthy quest or digging required.

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