As are super skyfingers frantically tap tap tap to gain rewards (poor criminals!) we sometimes forget that the name of the game is The Simpsons Tapped Out so most items, but not all, have an origin in Simpson’s episodes.

We see the arrival of the Boss Fight today and the boss is … Pinchy, back from the dead. Did you know he died? If you didn’t know that, then the arrival of him in our games probably wasn’t a “plot-twist”.

Explore in this post where Pinchy came and how he is back in our games. Read on …

Pinchy is a character in the episode Lisa gets an A (S10, Ep7) …

Parts in italic refer to a side-plot or part that isn’t relevant to the origin of the item

… To take advantage of the free samples the Simpsons family go to a new grocery store, Eatie Gourmet’s, after a long church service. Homer wants to buy a lobster so decides to get a small one and fatten it up due to trying to save money as large lobsters are more expensive.

He then goes to “Ken & Harry’s” factory plant to search for some ice cream. Trying to avoid some unusual flavours he sends Lisa in to rummage around for a plain flavour resulting in a cold. 
Marge keeps her at home for a few days, much to Lisa’s dislike, where she ends up getting addicted to Bart’s video game making her skive off more days to continue playing the video game. She doesn’t do the Wind in the Willows reading project – forwarded by Ralph – so when Marge ends up forcing her to go to school she realises that there is a test on a book that she never read.
Scared on failing, she results to taking stolen test answers from Bart and Nelson resulting in the ultra-rare A+++! 

Back to the subject … Homer vecomes attached to the lobster, giving it walks and naming it Pinchy. 

So when doomday comes for Pinchy, Homer can’t bring himself to kill and eat him and announces him as a new member of the Simson family

I will kind of fast forward the next part as it isn’t relevant … Lisa gets annoyed and feels guilty when Homer and Marge congratute her on her “achievement”. She is told to not reveal this when she tells Skinner after the school gains money qualifying for a basic assistance grant. She then reveals the truth at a presentation that ends up being fake with Otto being a disguised controller.

After a hot bath, Homer accidentally kills Pinchy and is distraught to end up eating him only to find out how delicious he is!

The End! Or is it?..

We now know that Pinchy returns in our games and here is a recap on how he “returned” in case you tapa tapa tapa (Little Vicki would be proud!) past the dialogue.

When you log in past 8am BST (That’s now) you will see a Homer explanation mark that when tapped goes to the soilent red factory where it explodes and a lobster breaks through! Who is this lobster?


What? No! And then after Homers question of (“MY Pinchy?” – a reference to the episode) we hear Dr Crab explain his “clever” and very cheesy tactic:


Wait Dr … Let’s just recap. So, after Marge chucked Pinchy’s skull away after Homer’s delightful meal Dr Crab mixed that with his own DNA? So it isn’t technically the same Pinchy. So what does that make him? A …


Thanks doc! So for the Boss Fight just follow Little Vicki’s advice and tapa tapa tapa through the dialogue and quest to “defeat” Pinchy. Very self explanatory, quest is just tapping Pinchy and sending characters on tasks. Thanks to a recent update the screen now shakes after tapping the boss. Want to find out more? For a questline walkthrough click here.

After you have defeated Pinchy there will be a 1 part dialogue and questline and you will be tasked to place The Dead Lobster a free building – explore quick origin in a roundup of random items coming soon!

So there you have it! The rundown of Pinchy: What he is, Where he comes from, how he returned and a very quick tappa tappa tappa walkthrough.
Stay super, tappers and have a great day. Happy tapping …

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