Welcome tappers to an exciting new series! This day of the week shall not be known as Friday but it shall be called Fan Fiction Friday or Triple F! Yes that’s right because this new series is … Fan Fiction!

Me and Robobot will take it in turns to write a Simpsons or Tapped Out Fan Fiction that will be split up into many different chapters. So here is the first chapter of a superhero themed story!


Special Thanks to Robobot for help with some concepts and Editing.



The Saga of Super Springfield
Chapter 1: A strange disappearance

“Just popping out Marge”, Homer boomed up the stairs.

“Are you going to Moe’s?” Marge replied, “I don’t want you getting drunk and throwing pies at Moe!”

“Just need to get … er … go to the Kwik-E-Mart for … something” he stuttered, “anyway, Moe looks like a brain felon and muscle beats brain!”

“That Tapped Out game is driving you insane”, an annoyed Marge boomed back.

And with Homer rushed out with a slam of the door!
“Give me a dozen pies Apu” a panting Homer requested.
“I am sorry Mr Simpson but the last batch of every kind of pie was brought yesterday” apologized Apu. “But can I interest you in our buy 20 get 1 free offer on cookies?”
“No thanks Apu! I need pies!”

Homer ran out the door thinking, “Where could I buy pies?”
Hours later of rushing in and out of many shops looking for pies later and Homer received no luck! Homer needed pies! If any danger entered Springfield then how would Pie-Man save everyone? Homer walked home with despair painted on his face, the rain laughing at his failure and the sun hiding in the safety of the clouds!

Homer didn’t know where to go. Homer just had to hope that crime would take a break whilst the pie mystery continued.  Suddenly a smile swept across his face. He remembered! Today was Saturday meaning it was the monthly Sequel Squad meeting. Maybe other superheroes could help. With a glance down at his watch he started to run to the not so secret location … Mr Burn’s Summer Mansion.


“Hello my name is Barney Gumble and I am an addi …”
“Barney? I think you have the wrong meeting” questioned Clobber Girl.
“Oh, right! I thought you were just dressing up as superheroes because you were drunk. Are you sure you just can’t admit to your addiction?” and with a crack of her knuckles Clobber Girl sent Barney out flying!

“Anyway….  Anything to discuss squad?” Radioactive Man asked.
Sequel Squad was a team of superheroes and ex-villians that have collided into a squad against evil! that consisted of Fallout Boy, Clobber Girl, Clownface, Fruit Bat Man and many more. Radioactive Man was the head of the squad. The divine leader, who had conquered villains globally, faked his death and memorized and inspired kids for years. Then from one extreme to the other there is Pie-Man! Pie-Man travelled Springfield saving the world with … Can you guess? Pies!  The squad’s unique talents and variety of tactics is what makes them unbeatable … well that’s what they think … so far!

“Well every store in Springfield has run out of pies” reported Pie-Man.
“I couldn’t find find one shop that had make-up” bellowed Clownface, “Not only the fact that every lady in Springfield is going ballistic, but how can I fight crime looking like this?”
“I couldn’t find my utility belt this morning” explained Fallout Boy, “That is the source of my power! I had to walk to this meeting!”
A huge gasp swept across the dark and open space!
“Now you know what it felt like to be me” murmured Fruit-Bat Man. “My beloved Cape has been stolen like a peasant’s coin pouch!”

“My solar panels are missing”

“My wind turbine has been broken!”

“Sorry … Who are you?” Questioned Radioactive Man.

“Wind Lad and Citizen Solar” they explained “the forgotten ones that sometimes fight alongside you! Remember?”


The list when on as the all the Superheroes items were missing! The fuel that made them active! Well … Not everyone.
“We seem to be active” cried out Clobber Girl and Stretch Dude.
“Bart? I thought your superhero was Hartman?” questioned Homer.
“First of all, it was Bartman, second of all, I switched my identity for my emotions!”
“Makes sense!”
*suck suck suck* sucked Bouncing Battle Baby.
Which translates to “I am active too!”

“Interesting” a confused but intrigued Radioactive Man remarked, “So all the kids are still active but yet the majority of us have all our power items stolen! How is Springfield going to be saved with the Superheroes inactive?”
“You still have us” Clobber Girl reminded.
“Kids? Going to save Springfield?” laughed Clownface!

A weird feeling filled the mind of Lisa. The sense of burning anger and rage. The utter rudeness and prejudice angered her! Her mind twisted by discrimination and facts set by society. She knew, and all other kids knew, they could do something.

Luckily for Springfield and for the superheroes crime was on holiday! Well … Not for much longer!

Meanwhile….  “Kent Brockman reporting live from the Springfielder riots, the town has gone crazy and all felons and criminals were mysteriously set free last night – Hey watch the hair – leaving us with the burning question … Who shall save us now? ”

Tune in next Friday 5pm BST to find out!

Thanks to Robobot for creating a questline you can play along with in Tapped Out to fit this part …

A Uncromulent Disappearance Pt 1
Make Homer Shop At Kwik- E – Mart

A Uncromulent Disappearance Pt 2
Make Pie-Man eat 50 year old snacks (go to Summer Mansion)

A Uncromulent Disappearance Pt 3
Make Lisa Meditate (to calm herself down)

A Uncromulent Disappearance Pt 4
Make Cyborg Snake Be a Menace to Society

So … What do you think so far? 🙂

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