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The Saga of Super Springfield: The Final Chapter

It’s the final chapter: the conclusion

Previously on The Saga of Super Springfield

Homer discovers at the monthly Sequel Squad meeting that all adult superheroes have their power item -the item which makes them super – missing meaning all adult superheroes are inactive and Clobber Girl is told that children can’t save Springfield.

Felons and criminals have broken out of jail and it is up to Clobber Girl, Stretch Dude and Bouncing Battle Baby to save the day! Then run to the Police Station where Milhouse joins.

They meet Apu who tells them of the man who brought the whole stock and after a meeting at the treehouse they have the villian trapped in the Power Plant cellar! Who is it?

The Saga of Super Springfield Chapter 3

Huge thank you to Robobot for his help with concepts and ideas!

The mysterious voice crept out of the darkness. Whoever this man was, he was true evil. Who could want revenge and be so evil to set felons free to create riots and then steal the power items so that superheroes couldn’t save the day… well, adult superheroes couldn’t save the day. Maybe the man who stole the items wasn’t the villain who set the felons free. The voice crept forward, a faint shadow outlined a man. Fear swept across the children. If a man could be so dangerous, then what stops him from damaging them? Nothing! The shadow finally emerged, slowly lifted down the hoodie and in the dark light of the Power Plant cellar the face was finally revealed…

“It is I…” said the voice, “Frank Grimes.”

A huge gasp filled the place as shocked faces puzzled with questions stared at the alive Frank Grimes. There was something different though… He didn’t have glasses, weirdly, but it was him! Without glasses Frank Grimes looked like someone else, but for now…

“You?” questioned Clobber Girl, “But how? You died!”

“Or did I?” replied Frank, “I wanted to! I meant to, but my death didn’t go to plan. How long have you got?”

“However long it will take” replied Clobber Girl, “I want to hear how you did this.”

”Ok, here is how it went… I was hated, laughed and jeered at every day. Nicknames created and I was hated. Your Dad pushed me off the edge, making me want to die.
A surge of anger filled me as I imitated your father. I knew I would die and I wanted to die. I expected volts to conjure my death… but I didn’t die.

Volts sent me into shock and I was whizzed away in an ambulance and sent to a hospital.”

“But how did the voltage not kill you?” interrupted Lisa.

“Well, I later found out that the power plant has been keeping us safe with low voltage for years.”

“The billboard!” remembered Stretch Dude.

“Anyway… Where was I?” asked Frank, “Ah yes, the hospital…

Time in that room alone gave me time to think… Time to hatch a plan! A plan of revenge! It needed to be clever, unexpected! I had an idea…

Leaving a dummy in my place and with a blanket over me, with a note of my death, the doctor took the dummy away and sent it to my funeral.
I saw your father and many others dancing on my grave! That’s when I knew it was time. I got laser eye surgery and pretended my name was Frank Grimes Jr to try and seek revenge on Homer”

“Wait…” stopped Clobber Girl, “You were Frank Grimes Jr??”

“I was! And after my plan failed I needed a bigger and better plan. I wanted revenge on Homer and all of Springfield! You all laughed at me and nobody cared about the death, in fact you seemed happy.
I needed superheroes gone. Then I could unleash the felons and leave Springfield in riots!”

“But how did you get into the prison?” asked Clobber Girl, “Security is impossible to get through.”

“Well, with my new identity as Frank Grimes Jr, a plumber, I was hired to fix the pipes when a ‘coincidental’ blockage was caused. After knocking out the guard and setting everyone free, I just watched Springfield in pain!”

“So you changed your identity just to get evil revenge?” asked Stretch Dude.

“And now that you know my plan! I must destroyed you. I saved you and made you active! Why? Because I was put down for my age when I was young and I wanted to give you a chance. I knew you wouldn’t solve this mystery and you didn’t. But now … You know too much”

With that Frank pulled out a machine with buttons covering the outer. Worked on for week’s this new invention didn’t look welcoming. The children shook with fear! What is it?

“This …” explained Frank, “Is the Felon Set to destroy anything in it’s path creating and flying Felons with a button at my fingertips giving me unlimited help. My secret lair here in the cellar has giving me week’s to aid my plan and I am not letting children stop me! Eat tech kids!”

This was it was it? The end for the children! Sweat formed on the children’s brow. Felons surrounded them armed and ready until … 

Stretch Dude quickly stretched over his siblings. A sacrifice! His rubberness jammed the machine and the children were free.

Bouncing Battle Baby launchdd herself at Frank sending him off the ray and Clobber Girl ran and smashed the machine but Frank legged it. Evil unleashed in the world!

“Not so fast” said a voice!

It was Radioactive Man and the Sequel Squad. They stopped Frank in his path. Pie-Man gave him an extra dose of raspberry pie to give him what he deserved! Teamwork!

With that Frank was sent to jail and never heard of again. It was like a plot cycle, as if Frank had actually died – how coincidental! Radioactive Man apologized for his rudeness and admitted that kids could do more then they imagined.

“And that” said the annoying narrator, “Was a tale of adventure, mystery, teamwork and revenge. All power items were returned and Springfield was now protected from evil … for now!”

The end!

So what did you think of the series? A new fan fiction story coming in week’s time but this time written by Robobot 🙂 Happy Tapping …

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  1. Preciso da ultima atualização rakeada e nao comsigo que eu faço 4.21.5
    Me ajuda

  2. Simpsons rule

    July 22, 2016 at 9:11 pm

    I never expected it was frank grimes and I like the front cover

  3. Simpsons rule

    July 22, 2016 at 9:10 pm


  4. Felicia Fancy

    July 22, 2016 at 9:01 pm

    Amazing Sam! Well done. I actually held my breath as you were building up the suspense … what a shock!

  5. Hmmm…raspberry pie ♡

  6. That was freaking awesome!

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