Hi Super Skyfingers! As Issue 2 ends tomorrow, it’s time for my Issue 2 Review! Just like the Issue One Review, I will do a review and Overview of the prizes, craftables, and premium items, as well as my review of Issue 2 as a whole. Read on! 


First Aid Kit 

Clobber Girl (Muscle, Can Fight Felons) 

Attack Helicopter

Sciencewater Pack 

X-ray Machine

Plastic Prison

Street Dude (Brain, Can Fight Felons) 

Prize Verdict: This Issue’s Prizes were great! The Attack Helicopter, The Plastic Prison, not to mention the awesome crime fighting duo Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl! 

Zenith City Billboard: 

Zenith City Times

Giant Snake In A Tree 

Zenith City Building Pack (Zenith City Condo, Zenith City Penthouse, and Zenith City Offices) 

Aqua World Wharf

(A Small Band-Aid Box, A Large Band-Aid Box, and A First Aid Kit can also be crafted) 

Crafting Verdict: This Issue’s Crafting, is even more meh than Issue 1! Every Item is ridiculously overpriced, except for the Zenith City Building Pack. I suggest you save your trading cards. In Act 3, there’s going to be a craftable character! 


Super Jeb (25 Donuts) 

The Fracker (120 Donuts, Muscle, Can Fight Felons) 

The Collider (100 Donuts, Tech, Can Fight Felons) 

Crap Silo and Plopper (120 Donuts, Brain, Can Fight Felons) 

Bartman VS Radioactive Man Combo (230 Donuts) :

Bartman (60 Donuts) 

Radioactive Man (60 Donuts) 

Kane Manor (55 Donuts) 

Bartman Cave (55 Donuts) 

Radstation Air Fortress (225 Donuts) 

Burns State Prison (80 Donuts) 

Milo and Coolsville (150 Donuts) 

Aqua World Fuel Tank (35 Donuts)  

Aqua World Prison Tower (30 Donuts) 

Aqua World Fishing Platform (40 Donuts)  

This Issue’s premium items are spectacular! It has many highlights including  the Bartman VS Radioactive Man Combo, The Fracker, Milo and Coolsville, and Plopper! 

Now it’s time for a Feature of the Issue Reviews called BUY, MEH, OR….. NAH!(Where I say if you should buy any of these items) 

Bartman VS Radioactive Man Combo: MEH

Bartman: BUY

Radioactive Man: BUY 

Bartman Cave: BUY 

Kane Manor: MEH

Aqua World Premium Items: NAH 

Milo and Coolsville: MEH

Burns State Prison: NAH 

Radstation Air Fortress: NAH

The Fracker: MEH

The Collider: NAH

Super Jeb: MEH

Plopper and Crap Silo: BUY

Final Verdict/Issue Review: 

I Really liked Issue 2! Awesome Prizes, Awesome premium items, it’s all awesome! The only problem is the crafting. Issue’s 1 and 3 have better items. To me, it’s a improvement on Issue 1 in every way. 

So that’s my review and overview of Issue 2. What do you think of Issue 2? Comment Below! 

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