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TOuk Blog Presents: Superheroes 2 Issue 1 Review and Overview

Hey Super Skyfingers! As Issue One ends tomorrow, and while we are excited about Issue 2 (Cough Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl Cough) It’s time to look back on Issue One! So in this post, I will be giving you guys, my review, and Overview, of everything about Issue One! From Premium Items, to Craftables, to Prizes. Read on!


Sciencewater Pack


Mylar Baggins



First Aid Kit

Cyborg Snake (Muscle, Can Fight Felons)

Aqua World Main Guard Tower

And, Old King Coal (Tech, can fight Felons) ”

Prize Verdict: I liked this Issue’s Prizes. Old King Coal is awesome with his Outdoor Tasks, Same with Cyborg Snake! I just wish that they replaced the First Aid Kit with a Decoration.


Springfield Books

The Collector’s Car

The Collector’s Lucite Statue

Lucite Container

Small Band-Aid Box

Large Band-Aid Box

And…. First Aid Kit

Crafting Verdict: In My Opinion, this Issue is pretty Meh when it comes to crafting. I mean, Springfield Books and The Collector’s Car are cool, but the rest of the items are meh


Fruit Bat Man (90 Donuts, Tech, Can Fight Felons)

Petroleus Rex and Tar Pits (175 Donuts, Rex can fight Felons, Rex is Brain)

Wholesome and Sons Publishing (80 Donuts)

Satellite Station (160 Donuts)

Springfield Asylum (200 Donuts)

Basketball Court (60 Donuts)

And…. Citizen Solar and Wind Lad (130 Donuts, Both are Tech, Both can Fight Felons)

Now it’s time for a Feature of the Issue Reviews called BUY, MEH, OR….. NAH! (Where I say if you should buy any of these items)
Citizen Solar and Wind Lad: BUY
Petroleus Rex and Tar Pits: MEH
Fruit Bat Man: If you have a premium Mr. Burns skin, NAH, but if you don’t, BUY
Basketball Court: MEH
Wholesome and Sons Publishing: MEH
Springfield Asylum: NAH
Satellite Station: NAH

Premium Verdict: I liked these items. Citizen Solar and Wind Lad are amazing deals, and while the rest of the items are Overpriced, they’re still cool.

Final Verdict/Issue Verdict: I liked this Issue, even though looking at the Files, Issue Two and there are going to be a whole lot better. I liked the New Battle System, and the Leak got me hyped, even though I was a little disappointed about some characters that I really wanted to be in this update weren’t in this Update. My final rating is a 7 out of 10 for this Issue.

Now here’s Sam/Happy Tapper’s Take on Issue One:
Issue 1 was a disappointing start to a disappointing event! As of most sequels this sequel felt rushed. Looking forward it looks like this event has great potential and future items to come look promising and great but Issue 1 did not kick-start excitement for me. Items are way too big and some concepts weren’t thought through properly. All this being said I do love some of the prizes: Old King Coal is just beast and Cyborg Snake is probably the best skin ever! Overall, Issue 1 is a bit disappointing as it didn’t convey the excitement that the event plans to be in the files but it does have great prizes and the return of original skins was great for new players

So what’s your opinion on Issue One? Comment Below!

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  1. Fantastic work guys, and some really useful info about the event. Love reading your blogs. Can’t wait for the next one!! 🙂

  2. Great write up!
    I have enjoyed Issue 1. The prizes have been easy to get and I also love Old King Coal especially when he battles.

    I have spent far too much on premium items though

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