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To UK Blog Presents: Superheroes Part 2 Issue 3 Review, Overview, and Event Review 

Hey Super Skyfingers! The 3rd and Final Issue of the Superhero Sequel Ended Today, so it’s time for my annual issue review! Read on! 

First Aid Kit 

X-Ray Truck 

Sciencewater Pack 

Bouncing Battle Baby (Muscle, Can Fight Felons) 

Spirography Factory 

Dr. Lenny’s Lab 

Dr. Crab 

Prize Verdict: 

These Prizes were the Best of the Event! This is quite refreshing because usually Act 3 has the worst Prizes of the event. The Spirography Factory and Dr. Lenny’s Lab are awesome buildings, and I loved the appearance of Bouncing Battle Baby. Dr. Crab was awesome too. 


Botanical Garden 

Garbage Cans Pack 

Zenith City Mailbox 

Bent Over Lampost 

Atomic Bomb 

Hero Clothesline 

Painted Horse 

High Voltage Transformer

Zenith City Returning Buildings Pack 

Large Band Aid Box 

Small Band Aid Box 

Bastille Day: Charcoal Briquette and French Flag 

Craftables Verdict: 

Like The Prizes, Issue 3 also had the best Crafting! Items that fit into all kinds of areas. Zenith City Areas, A Radioactive Man Movie  area, and Charcoal Briquette is awesome! 


The Scoutmaster: 100 Donuts, Brain, Can Fight Felons 

Radioactive Man Film Set with Sidekick Milhouse: 150 Donuts 

Lobster Island: 70 Donuts 

Death Mountain and Dr. Colossus: 120 Donuts, Brain, Can Fight Felons (60 Donuts each separately) 

Milhouse’s Trailer: 40 Donuts 

Beach House: 120 Donuts 

Premium Verdict: The issue 3 premium items were fun, but definitely not the best of the event. (That goes to Issue 2) The Scoutmaster is funny, and I like the Radioactive Man Film Set and Sidekick Milhouse. 

Now it’s time for a feature of the Issue Reviews, To UK’s. .. . .  Buy, Meh, or. .. . .  Nah! 

The Scoutmaster: Buy 

Radioactive Man Film Set and Sidekick Milhouse: Meh 

Milhouse’s Trailer: Buy 

Death Mountain and Dr. Colossus: Buy 

Lobster Island: Nah 

Boss Fight: 

Dead Lobster

Boss Fight Verdict: 

The Boss Fight was cool! It featured a Clever Return of Pinchy, and the Boss Fight is really helpful in earning Crab Juice! 

Final Verdict Pt. 1/ Issue Review 

I liked Issue 3! Everything about it was awesome and fun. The only downside is that it’s suffering from the “3 Act Effect” (By the Third Act, there’s less interest because the formula has been done so many times it gets a bit tiring by the end of Act 3) At least it tried to combat this with the Boss Battle

Final, Final Verdict/Event Review: 

This Event is very Interesting to me. It was both amazing, and very disappointing. I liked the New items and Felon Battles and Boss Fight, but it took one of my all time favorite events, and turned it into a event, that kinda fits into EA’s new mold, which is a bit uncreative. The original Superheroes event was so creative, and the Sequel isn’t, really. I mean, it tries to make it creative, that’s why I didn’t really like the Wild West Update, it was sooooo boring,  by Act 3 I was practically asleep playing! 

Sam’s take: 

I liked the concept and it included some fun items with an exciting quest and buildup but they left out quite a lot of good content. This could be due to a hinted Superhero 3 event that could come next year but this event didn’t excite me enough 

So that’s the review. What did you think of the event? Comment Below! 

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  1. Nice review thingie. I haven’t been following, so this is the first one I’ve seen. I like it.

    But you said “nah” to lobster island…except that I got it. Might want to change that.

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