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Sometimes we forget to relax, forget about glitches and enjoy life and the Simpsons episodes! In this fun and informal post William goes through his personal favourite episodes so take it away …


Hello! My name is William, (or as you know me on toUK, Tsto Topix, and Tsto Addicts as Robobot) and today I will be telling You, yes YOU, the Top Ten Best episodes of the Simpsons! (In my Opinion)

But First, Time for some Honorable Mentions!

20. Brother From Another Series

19. Trilogy of Error

18. The City of New York VS Homer Simpson

17. Halloween Of Horror

16. Stark Raving Dad

15. Homer’s Enemy

14. Bart the Lover

13. Homer The Smithers

12. Three Men and A Comic Book

11. Marge Gets a Job

10. Lisa’s Substitute

9. Lisa VS Malibu Stacy

8. ‘Round Springfield

7. Homer the Great

6. Das Bus

5. Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington

4. Lisa’s First Word

3. Lisa The Vegetarian

2. The Simpsons Spin Off Showcase

1. A Fish Called Selma

Also, time for a special Editors Honorable Mention with Sam’s A.K.A. Happytappers’ favorite episode! His Favorite episode is……..  Lisa’s Substitute!

10: Holidays Of Future Passed

Never on my days, did I expect a season 23 episode, to be as good/better than some season 5-9 episodes! The Truth is that apart of the reason that this episode is on the list is because it’s proof that the new writers can still make great episodes. Another piece of proof is the Season 27 episode “Halloween of Horror”, but we’ll leave that episode for the honorable mentions 😉. The thing about Holidays of Future Passed that I like is that it has the classic Simpsons heart that the newer episodes simply don’t have I’m sorry to say. I loved the Little Christmas Card Montage of the Kids growing up which was full of great Gags. I also liked all of the Future Gags and I have to say that this episode made better use of them than Number 9 on our list, speaking of Number 9….

9: Lisa’s Wedding

Number 9 is Lisa’s Wedding! I like Lisa’s Wedding because it shows even though Homer and his antics embarrass her, and Bart bothers her, Lisa has accepted that she will always be a Simpson, and that she loves her family through thick and thin, and that if her fiance isn’t prepared to be a Simpson with Lisa, then the marriage just isn’t going to work. I also like the Joke that Teenage Maggie won’t stop talking on the phone! 😁

8: You Only Move Twice

You Only Move Twice is one of those episodes that really isn’t remembered for its heart, (Even though there is some) it’s remembered for it’s HILARIOUS comedy! 😂 Having Albert Brooks be AMAZING as Hank Scorpio doesn’t hurt this episode either. Hank Scorpio is just basically a vault of awesome one-liners. (Not to say each of the Simpsons aren’t hilarious in this episode either) Seriously go on Frinkac.com and look up the title of this episode. You’ll thank me later. 😉

7. I Married Marge

Number 7 on my list is going to be the Season 3 episode “I Married Marge”. I like this episode because it truly is a heartwarming tale about A Young Homer needing to get a better job to support a pregnant Marge. While this storyline has been repeated multiple times in other episodes I think that episode does it the best, with Lisa’s First Word as a Close second. It also was genuinely heartbreaking to see the Repo Men take away Marge’s Wedding Ring because Homer was In Debt. 😯

6. I Love Lisa

What do “I Love Lisa” and “I Married Marge” have in common?……. If you answered “they both are amazing love stories, with tons of good jokes, have 3 words in the title, involve two of the Simpsons women in the title, with the second and third word having first letters that match, and leave the taste of candy from how sweet they are”, you would be right! But there are two words that make this episode just that bit better than “I Married Marge” and they are…….  Ralph, and Wiggum. This episode I feel makes perfect use of Ralph and Lisa’s characters. Ralph is upset because he didn’t get a Valentine from anyone on Valentine’s day so Lisa comes to the rescue and gives him a Valentine which Ralph misinterprets as a sign of actual Love. Ralph gives Lisa tickets to the Krusty Anniversary Show where Lisa tells Ralph that she isn’t his girlfriend on Live TV. Because of this Ralph is great in the President’s day Pageant. At the end of the play Lisa gives Ralph and new Valentine saying that they should just BEE friends. What a great episode!

5. Who Shot Mr. Burns Parts 1 and 2

I know I’m kinda cheating with this one but you can’t have a beginning without a end, and vice versa. Who Shot Mr. Burns is no doubtly one of the most important episodes in  Simpsons history. There were even Sites/Groups where people were betting money on Who was the person who shot Mr. Burns. I bet that Maggie wasn’t one of the options! Did you know that the Simpsons writers made Tons of Alternate endings to avoid Part 2 if Who Shot Mr. Burns to be spoiled? Who Shot Mr. Burns was truly a great episode with tons of comedy, action, tension, and LOADS of suspense.

4. And Maggie Makes 3 

If you thought that after episodes like “I Love Lisa” and “I Married Marge”, that the Simpsons couldn’t get any sweeter, you are sadly mistaken. “And Maggie Makes 3” has to be the sweetest episode of the Simpsons ever. It shows that behind the mask of Homer being a guy who doesn’t really care about his kids, (specifically Bart) he would give up his dream job (and his freedom) for his kids. So when Homer saw Maggie being born, and her touching his thumb for the first time, there really was true emotion.

3. Marge VS The Monorail

🎶”Monorail! Monorail! Monorail!!!!!!“🎶

Sorry, that song is so dang catchy! Anyway, Number 3 on my list is Marge VS the Monorail! This Episode has everything! A Great Song, a great story, Phil Hartman (R.I.P.) a Monorail, and Leonard Lemoy! There was even a whole event about the Monorail in the Simpsons Tapped Out! No wonder a ton of different people have Marge VS The Monorail as Number 1 on their own top ten lists. But I give Marge VS The Monorail a bronze on my list.

2. 22 Short Films About Springfield

Yes Bart, I do wonder about the people in Springfield, and I do know that there are enough interesting stories from them to make a episode, not a good episode, not a bad episode, a GREAT episode. I mean, if 22 Short Films about Springfield wasn’t a great episode, why would it be Number 2 on my list?

22 Short Films about Springfield wouldn’t even be possible without the Simpsons’ great supporting cast. I could even go as far as to say that the Simpsons has the best supporting cast on Television. There’s always going to be a Simpsons character that you like, because there’s so many of them, and they’re all so awesome. Some people say (or at least I say) that if the Simpsons ever ended they could make a good spin off show staring the supporting cast of Springfield as the main characters. If the Simpsons were ever to do a spin off show, that would be the best idea. (Even though I would miss the yellow family as the main characters) Back to the episode, 22 Short Films about Springfield works because  the supporting cast of The Simpsons are so entertaining and funny to watch, that they can make a constant switching of 60 second vignettes a Great episode. Some of the highlights include “Skinner and The Superintendent”, “Cletus The Slack-Jawed Yokel”, Homer and Maggie’s story, and Milhouse saving Chief Wiggum, Snake, and his dad from Herman in his story. The episode has a perfect ending with Bart and Milhouse saying that there are tons of great stories, but there isn’t enough time to hear them all. Darn! I really wanted to see the “Tomfoolery of Professor Frink” story. I know it’s been long time since this aired but there NEEDS to be a sequel. (somehow)

1. Last Exit to Springfield

So Number 1 on my list is Last Exit To Springfield. Why is this number 1 you ask? Because (In My Opinion) this episode perfectly embodies what makes a great episode of the Simpsons, and what the Simpsons is about. Let’s try the checklist shall we!

Great Story? Check

Heart? Check

Awesome Gags? Check

Relatable Story/Conflict? Check

Antics From Homer? Check

So Last Exit to Springfield is my favorite episode of the Simpsons!

What’s your favorite episode of the Simpsons? Do you agree with my list? Comment Below and we’re sure to give it a read! 😊

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