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Top 5 events I most want for 2017


Hello tappers. Christmas Day has gone, many worldwide events have started and 2016 is nearing an end – meaning 2017 is JUST around the corner. 2016 has been an interesting year for content – probably the most controversial year yet. With new year approaching, I am VERY EXCITED for 2017! I have a feeling it is going to be a good year for TSTO – got high hopes EA – don’t let me down 😠😊.If you don’t know much about me, then know that I LOVE to come up with event ideas for Tapped Out (and you will see more of me showing that in the new year) and I still think EA has loads of good-quality events which could last us years – need any help EA? I would love too! I spend my free time with a notepad, coming up with ideas, rewatching episodes to get content for that idea, taking screenshots as I go through the episodes and getting myself very excited because my ideas are ones that I would LOVE for the game. So … Here are my Top 5 event ideas I would like to see in 2017 …
All these Top 5 are events that I would be extremely excited to be getting!! There are loads of other ideas that I would still love to see – I’m very easily pleased.

But first, I asked Robobot the Top 5 events he most wants in 2017 and this is his response:

5. April Fools Mini Event Based on Bart’s Pranks
4. Valentines Day 2017 With Julio, Sarah Wiggum, and Others
3. A Mini Event Based on Comics and the remaining things that Superheroes 2 Missed (Like Everyman)
2. A Mini Event Based On Angelica Button Episodes and Other Magic Stuff
1. Simpsons Game Event
That would be a Fun event with tons of potential items like the Chocolate Rabbits, and it has loads of potential for costumes

I definitely want all of these ideas but I can up with some new ideas that I will briefly explain – chances are I will elaborate on these ideas in desperate and detailed posts. So, let’s start the rundown:


#5 – Krustyland Part 2

Episodes it could be based around: Itchy & Scratchy Land

Image result for Krustyland

I explained how much I REALLY want a lot more content in Krustyland in this video HERE because I feel like there is such a huge possibility and it was disappointing that they gave us so much land and hope but so little content. They have a lot they could do with it.

#4 – A (Murder) Mystery Event

Episodes it could be based around: Who Shot Mr Burns Pt. 1 & 2, Black Widower, Krusty gets Busted

Image result for murder mystery

I love mysteries like Agatha Christie, Death in Paradise and Jonathon Creek so any event where we would have to solve a murder or mystery would be super fun and I would love it. Maybe there could be some suspects and you would have to put your bet on who you think it is judging by some subtle evidence given – obviously I don’t think it would be fair for the answer and conclusion to be in the files. A lot of possibility for this one!

#3 – A Magic (Angelica Button?) event

Episodes it could be based around: The Great Simpsina, The Haw-Hawed Couple (the B Plot)

Being a big Harry Potter fan this is an event I would die for (not literally!). They would have to narrow it down to either a Harry Potter spoof event (Angelica Button – like Robobot mentioned) or magic in general where we could see fictional magic mixing with magicians like The Great Raymondo and Simpsina – either way a magic event would be epic IMO.

#2 – A Simpsons Movie/EPA event

Related image

Episodes it could be based around: THE SIMPSONS MOVIE

This is an event I have been wanting for ages due to my love for The Simpsons Movie and IMO it HAS to happen before the end of the game – there is so much possibility! I have a very good perspective on how I would like this event to look and am halfway through an event layout post for this idea so keep a look out 😉.

And finally the #1 event that I want (likely to change, I kept swapping around) is …

#1 – A Broadway/Stage Show

Episodes it could be based around: Lisa with an ‘S’, “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson”, A Star is Torn

Image result for Broadway Simpsons

I am such a big musicals fan! This event would make me such a happy tapper. I can see so much possibility after the success of the Casino event bringing lights, fame and all that JAZZ! I want guess stars, stages, dances, references and Troy McClure!!

Went to far with that last request?? Okay. Scrap that, pretty unlikely 😢
I guess I wouldn’t mind getting a New York update which incorporated Broadway because New York in the Simpsons has a lot of potential.
I have a lot to ramble on about this idea so it is likely you will get a post about it in the new year.

I hope you enjoyed the post. The explanatoins were brief because I will, most likely, do more detailed, individual posts on event ideas in the New Year so keep a look out. What events would you like to see in 2017? Leave a comment, subscribe (with the sidebar) and Happy Tapping …

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  1. Fun ideas, Sam!

    I want a Passover event with Rabbi Krustovsky (not sure of the spelling there)….I think EA could have a lot of fun with the 10 plagues and the parting of the sea and such. (And the whole “death of the firstborn” thing could really make Bart nervous, lol!h

    • I LOVE that idea Sandra! I won’t spoil much, becuase I am aware you try and stay away from spoilers, BUT part of your wish IS coming true in a few day .
      Happy (nearly) New Year!

  2. BTW EA hates these website and don’t like going on addicts so doubt they listen to u and of don’t believe me well don’t since EA them selves told me not gl on websites but I still do

    • EA are constantly reading Addicts because they sometimes make changes due to what posts say.
      Also, EA Help sometimes direct people, who are stuck, to Addicts pages so they do not hate Addicts.
      Why would they hate sites like this? They will hate hacking sites but this isn’t a hacking site, neither is Addicts

      • Yeah I know these websites are awesome but that what they told me and didn’t even mention addicts at the time in my contact was and your website didn’t even exist then

        • Most EA reps outside of the US and UK know very little about the game or the sites or anything related to those. And what you’re saying makes no sense…how can you say both they “hates these website” and “your website didn’t even exist then”? How could they hate something that didn’t exist when they said they hated it? And you also said in your first comment that they “don’t like going on addicts” and then in the second comment you said, they “didn’t even mention addicts”? Huh????

          Is English your native language? I find your comments kind of hard to decipher, but, if English isn’t your native language, then I have to really commend you for giving it a good try, since I doubt I’d do much better in another language (except maybe for the punctuation part, depending on the language…don’t know much about how punctuation works in Asian languages, for example).

  3. I want a Planet of the Apes event!
    I want a Pirate event!
    I want an event dedicated to a Zombie Apocalypse!

    Not asking for much…except monkeys, pirates and zombies 😀

    Great article Sam and Robobot. ..may EA grant all your wishes ♡

  4. Nice post Sam 🙂
    I love Robobots idea of an April Fools pranking event …. hilarious 🙂
    I also love the idea of a murder mystery event … it could be a fun one!

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