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TOuk Blog Competition | Design a Character 2016

Oooh, dragged in by the title? I’m excited, because it’s the first TOuk Blog Competition and although it offers no item prize, it will be a lot of fun! 

Remember when there was the competition to design a character to be featured in a Simpsons episode? Remember the winner?…


Well, here I announce:

The Character Design Contest 2016

… for Fan Fiction

Yes I know, it isn’t official with The Simpsons but your character will be a character in an upcoming Fan Fiction eBook, written by me!

Fan Fiction, you say? I hear you ask Any more info?

No, I know what is coming! But you will have to wait, to see what is coming 😉

So … What do you have to do?

In the comments below you will need to include:

  • Character name
  • Occupation
  • Appearance
  • And any other info you want to include (attitude, personality, age etc)

This character could be anything, it could even be yourself, but I can’t confirm and deny how small or large this character will have in the story, it depends on what wins 😂

What do you win?

  • The character featuring in a Fan Fiction
  • The character in a visual image!

Your character will be made into a Simpson using an online resource, if you win as well as it being featured in the fan fiction. 

An example of the “simpson-fied” version:


Closing Date: 25th September

Winner announced soon after

Please note that the finished fan fiction could take months after to complete!

The Fan Fiction or competition is not associated with FOX or The Simpsons in any way

ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE KEPT SECRET – Meaning I won’t approve comments with submissions in. If your comment submission was removed, that is why

So … Tell us in the comments, your character info (name, appearence, occupation and more) before the 25th September.
Please take part, happy tapping …

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  1. Have you got my character

  2. Marilyn Monroe returns from the dead zombie style! Wrecking havoc across the comic con … especially when she sees Kennedy 😀

    Ok… seriously considering describing myself to you as I would love to be a character in the Simpsons♥

    You can post this comment. It is not my entry!

  3. That’s you? Nice. (That’s all I had to say. Nothing to participate with yet.)

  4. Need to think about this Sam. Great idea. 🙂

  5. Great idea for a competition Sam!

    I will have a careful think … so exciting!

  6. Awwwww ♡ I love your simpsons character Sam!

    I will be entering. ..just need to think 🙂

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