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TOuk Blog feedback!

This post is valid FOREVER so it doesn’t matter if you have arrived herr months after it was posted.

Hello all. Enjoying the Halloween event? A really quick post. It is nearly getting to the 6 month mark for TOuk Blog and I wanted to reflect on how I was doing. 

There are 3 reasons I blog (probably more, but these are the main ones):

  • I want to! I love writing and all the posts I do, I enjoy doing. Even the info ones!
  • To get ideas out. I have way too many ideas for and about TSTO contained in my head so blogging is a chance for me to blurt that out.
  • For you. I love having my writing being read. Support and community are prioritises and that is why I love blogging.

    So … I wanted to know what you thought of the blog. Please take a few minutes to take the survey below.

    There are some questions which are put as ‘mandatory’ but if you feel like you can’t answer it, then put a dot, dash or something.

    Thank you very much! Happy tapping …

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    1. When will find out which character you picked for the fan fiction

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