Hello guys and welcome to a quick announcement post where I wanted to briefly promote a fun awards event that is run by some good friends of mine that have TSTO YouTube accounts.

MagnusRobert got in touch with me recently to announce that the TSTO YouTube community will be doing another TSTO Award Ceremony to celebrate the Best and the Worst of the events, characters etc from the last ceremony (late 2016) to now. I didn’t want to be a part of it from my YouTube channel (since I’m letting that sleep at the moment!) but I said I’d happily take a part of it from my blog so here is my announcement!

To vote and take part in this ceremony then go to THIS LINK (and if that doesnt work, copy this url : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeVWBndbHWz7qlTtep-6rWYvRLMLuym8Jp1_7kNX7ddbR_AIQ/viewform ) and make sure that you’re signed in, in order to vote!

Voting closes on the 10th of December 12PM (GMT), 7AM (EST) and the winners from each category will be announced on the 16th of December.

Below is a list of all the amazing people taking part in this event and their YouTube announcement video …

I hope you take part by voting and Happy Tapping!

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Oh, you’re still reading are you? Thanks for the commitment! Guess I should have some easter egg or spoilers or announcements. Erm … I could announce that I’m going to start to do some pointless blog essays that delve into hidden meanings, philosophy and other complex stuff of movies like Disney and other stuff that’s “Just for Kids” 😀

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