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TSTO changes: Upgrading your OS

So the takedown arrived recently and with it brought an unexpected ‘warning’. TSTO will not be playable to a certain range of Operating Systems after the 17th of August. Read on for more details …


So after updating your game you might have gotten this warning …

Thanks to YoDarthMeow for the picture

Now don’t panic if you did as it is easily fixable. You have more than 2 weeks to solve it.

Why would I have gotten this warning?

You would have gotten it if your device is not iOS 7 (or higher) or Android 3 (or higher). You would have gotten the above warning but in case you just tapped past it you might want to check …

So .. How do I check my OS?


  1. Go into your ‘settings’
  2. Find and click ‘about phone’
  3. Click ‘software information’
  4. Scroll to ‘Andriod Version’ and the OS will be shown as a number

Apple (iOS)
I recommend this site, that has screenshots, but here are brief instructions:

  1. Go to ‘settings’
  2. Click ‘general’ and then ‘about’
  3. Then you will find your OS number next to ‘Version’


How do I update my OS?

So what does this mean? Why did they do it?

EA has been supporting players with lower OS for a while and this means that updates are limited to what they can add whilst progressing the game.

Limiting the OS means that they can add “better” – we hope – content and improve the lag between neighbours and opening the game. Beyond the 16th we hope to get some fun content and the item limit increase …

Here’s to a better, faster and bigger TSTO!

Happy Tapping …

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  1. Really great advice there! Plus I love the video ♡

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