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TSTO Character Apologies


Hello all and welcome to a post, away from the fun and manic Sci-Fi event. Sometimes we do things to annoy, get pleasure out of or ignore people so apologies is always the right things to do – even when it is to a cartoon characters who don’t exist in a popular all! So here is a community post, from the people down at TOuk, of apologies to TSTO communities.

Read on for apologies to ignored, negated, hated and overused characters … 😂 – all for fun!

First of all … My Apologies:

I am sorry Jasper for constantly sending you to sing the lollipop song. I know it drives you crazy but it is hilarious watching you bop up and down. I understand that it will end with a paddlin’.
Sorry to Santa’s Little Helper for ignoring you, I brought you with hope with some left over Bonuts and when I found out that all your tasks where indoors, I left you. I will start to send you on tasks – sorry!

Robobot’s apology letter:

Today, I am writing this letter, to formerly apologize to the French Waiter. I’m sorry, but, It was the Superhero Sequel event, and you just looked like a criminal! Maybe you should’ve worn a clown wig this time lol. ”
~  Robobot

From the boss …Brooders – known as Lady NPC and writer of bestseller global phenomenon Brooders Guide to TSTO events lol 😋:

Dear Stampy…I am sorry for always sending you on the same 24hrs task over and over again. I truly wish that Bart could ride around in the streets on your back all the time but he’s always busy elsewhere! I miss seeing you roam about town. If you are listening EA then take the need for Bart away or make Stampy a 24hrs visual task please?

Dear Funzos…oh how I want you roaming the streets of my town! But I won’t be tempted until you are offered as a package…nope. Same goes for the leprechauns!

Dear EA…Please bring back ALL zombies!!! 

Sam breakthrough: Did you hear that EA? Brooders wants Zombies!

From FeliciaFancy:

Sorry Martin for making you constantly walk around Springfield singing … I just love Frozen.
Kirk I’m sorry that all you do is protect my crops at Cletus’ farm …. when I remember!

From BigPhil – remember him from these?

I would like to humbly apologise to The babysitter bandit for always making you wear a lampshade on your head, but it is rather fetching, and it’s not as if anyone can see you is it?
I would also like to apologise to Barney for making you lie in the gutter so often, but you do look so peaceful there.
Finally , I would like to apologise to all the NPC’s I have stuck in storage, I know you never see the light of day, I do think of you often, well no actually , I don’t but I’m sorry I am no Brooders and I am not obsessed with you all.

So there are a few apologies from some popular faces over at TOuk but now I want to hear from YOU! Who do you want to apologise to? Write them, and any other characters, a letter of any length – short and sweet is nice – in the comments below. I really want to hear from you all and want to have a ton of comments to approve when I check in 😉

Happy tapping …

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  1. I can only steal some of yourses. I’m sorry to all my dual task characters for pretty much only using the Unemployment Office to send characters, therefore sorry to Rod and Todd, Bart and Stampy, Homer and who knows who, etc…! (I do tend to remember Martin and CBG, so this is why I apologize to the others.)

    Maybe I’m sorry to Helen Lovejoy for always sending her to party at the She-She… he-he!

  2. I would like to apologize to 90% of my town. I am sorry/not sorry that you all either climb a mountain to complain at the Kwik-E-Mart HQ, or that you party for 4 hours at the She-She Lounge. I just love to see that line of thumbs up when you are done and it makes my life so easy and happy when you are all together. I will try to send you on another task at least once a month, but no promises.

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