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TSTO Dragons Den: THOH 2016 Pt. 1

It’s (kinda) nearly October, the event has ended and it is official lull. Do you know what that means? We anxiously wait and speculate for the annual THOH event. I am a huge fan of dreaming out events, compiling lists of content that would fit a thene etc and I feel like I don’t express this enough on the site.

I love writing, hence the reason I started this blog so why not write about something I love? Some people may call it rambles, I do as well, but I hope you guys enjoy these posts as much as I did writing them. To compile my love for speculating/designing updates I present the new category …


Yes, TSTO Dragons Den is a new category where I ramble/talk about what I want to see in the game. Most of the time it will be on a topic but sometimes it may be a random ramble of stuff I want. Who are the Dragons? You! Tell me in the comments if you like my ideas (if you were EA rEAding this would you “invest” in my ideas). Seriously, comments mean the world to us. Every comment makes us smile and we want more!

So let’s get started…

Halloween and October is a very exciting season in the game! I just love it, the zombies, concept and content.

Image result for Halloween tsto

When do I think it is coming? Answer: First week of October – based on past years. 

This Battle of the Brands mini-event ends on the 4th of October (First Tuesday of October) so I suspect the event to hit that day, the day after (Wednesday 5th) or any day that week.

I realised it was pretty long so I decided to break my ramble into two parts. Part 2 will come out soon. Here is Part 1 …

THOH episodes are fun episodes that present a vast contrast in content that to be honest doesn’t really fit in Springfield, but is fun to have and work into certain areas.

Even though the doppelgangers, from a previous teaser, was meant for SciFi I would love to see different versions of characters. Mainly the Tracy Ullman versions of the family seen in The Others segment in Treehouse of Horror:

Image result for Tracey Ullman simpsons visit the simpsons

But Lego, Adventure Time and Minions versions will always be on my wishlist:

Image result for minions simpsons

The other day I watched THOH III which I found really funny and It made me think of a few items that I want to see (or “re-see”):

~ Costumes seen in the party. God and Goddess Homer and Marge would make a nice bundle.



~ Zombie costume Ned! Could be a fun character (animated task: scare Springfield) when he puts his head in and groans around Springfield! Ned doesn’t have many skins either


~ Return of House of Evil (and maybe with the owner)


~ Rebate/Offer on Talking Krusty Doll

~ Return of The King Size Homer Building

~ Homer island or the Sacrifice cliff that Marge (or Marge skin) could have an animated task at.

~ LOADS of Zombies from ” Dial Z for Zombies ” (plEAse EA, it will shut Brooders up most importantly 😉.

Specific Zombies: Zombie Krusty, Skinner, George Washington, William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein

screenshot_2016-09-13-22-17-02 screenshot_2016-09-13-22-16-48

My #1 THOH event idea: We would be awarded Springfield Cemetery as a FREEBIE and we would be tasked to send Bart to cast spells, a permanent animated task, which unleashes Zombies once in a while (but only when you are online).

All buildings have a certain amount of “health” that Zombies can lower by reaching the building and smashing it. When the building health is gone then the building get’s destroyed (this will disappear with event end).

When Zombies are being unleashed there will be groaning sounds (BRAAAINS!!) to let you know Zombies are strolling your town! This could be a fun mini-game or a ongoing feature whilst you are strolling Springfield.

This could also bring back Community Prizes! If a certain amount of Zombies are destroyed then you win a “famous” zombie like William Shakespeare – see the “Dial z for zombies list”.

Talking about celebrities I would love to see a bundle with loads of dead/heaven skin celebs from the ‘How to get ahead in DEAD-vertising’ of THOH XIX. Hey, we got Stephen Hawking so I hope that means we get more celebrities (dead, alive and heaven form). They could even have fun animated tasks to try and kill Homer.

Image result for how to get ahead in dead-vertising

THOH III also gave me another idea for a theme or part of a THOH event!…

My #2 THOH event idea: It is called Unleashed or Breaking Free and it revolves around different mascots, logos and NPCs being “unleashed”, breaking free and strolling/causing havoc! This would mean having Lard Lad break free from the building, or Wall-Weasel. So much potential. THOH III gave me this idea because I would love to have King Homer stroll around, and cause havoc – destroying havoc(!) so a breaking free theme would be awesome to see mascots or NPCs attached to buildings “break free” and go mental!

Mascots that I want to see are: Lard Lad, Zip Boys, Giant Kent Brockman, Devil house estate (or whatever it is). These are seen THOH VI.


Writing the above idea gets me so hyped because I want EA to do something exciting this year and not another cliché 3 act system with nothing else. I really don’t mind the 3 act system as long as it is special, something else – really cool, something unique like having mascots go around Springfield and breaking/destroying buildings – like the destroyed Kwik-E-Mart but for most buildings! How cool would that be??

I might do a post on combining those two ideas in one event outline!

The SciFi event was filled with loads of good content along with some great gameplay. They have left a lot of room for a sequel with content like Zombie Milhouse, Zia, Jenda, Bart’s son, TV Homer and so much more and with a re-watch of THOH XVI it reminded me of some futuristic content that I would like to see – eg The Zombie Rescue Centre


But I think that would be better to go with Zombie Milhouse in a SciFi sequel 😉

David would make a nice full character.

I want him to be full, and not NPC, because the episode showed some clips that would make great visual tasks:

* Trim hedges

screenshot_2016-09-15-21-39-13*A joint task where David reflects Homer’s bullets

* Make Ice Cream


He could even come with the Boys ‘R Us van as a decoration/character combo!


If we get David then it only seems fair to get Cyborg Bart as a skin (or maybe EA are saving that for a SciFi Sequel!)

Image result for Cyborg Bart

I would actually find some dancing robot legs really funny to have as an NPC in our towns.


I know we have just had robots but I would like to see the robots from the ‘Untitled Robot Parody’ of THOH XIX. But I would much prefer a Human Foozball because it would be awesome and if every character that is seen in this scene had an animated task there it would be hilarious and ultra cool.


The middle section, of THOH XVI, doesn’t offer that much (except for a man hunting skin for Burns) but ‘I’ve grown a costume for your face’ segment shows some really cool costumes. 

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a THOH event with every character wearing a costume!? The costume wouldn’t event have to been seen in the show – but that would be a lot of work for a lot of characters! The specific costumes I would like to see are Black-ula, Spider Sideshow Man and The Lone Nelson and the hideous witch as a full character.

screenshot_2016-09-15-22-04-09 screenshot_2016-09-15-21-57-52

Obviously Apu D2 is a must have if we have other content from this segment!


I can actually imagine the event now. You could unlock the witch for free who turns all, or most, characters into costumes – like in the episode!

Overall: I would like a really cool theme with a memorable feature – eg. Breakaway mascots or costumes for most characters – but most of all I want zombies and darkness filling my town. There is a better theme that I thought I would save for Part 2! But now …

My great “boss” Brooders, proud owner of the TSTO nutcase home – TOuk, has so many funny ideas for THOH – a lot involving Zombie Monkey Pirates so here are here ideas in Postcard form:

Would LOVE Monkey Bombs! Thanks Brooders! Can you name all the referenced movies?

Like my ideas? Love Brooders ideas? I certainly do! Want to add anything? Like this new Dragons Den catagory? Can’t wait for Part 2? Can’t wait for THOH?? Well, don’t wet yourself. Express yourself in the comments below. Or try out the emoji reaction feature! Happy tapping … 👻


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  1. Monkey bombs, yes. Smoking monkey bombs, double yes.

  2. You must know, since I’m always bugging about it, that the major events start on Tuesdays, no exceptions. So it will be either the 4th or the 11th (the store items end on the 10th, I recall).

  3. Amazing ideas Sam! I personally would like to see giant mascots stomping around Springfield like Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters.

    Dancing legs and Monkey Bombs would also be a great addition to THOH event.

  4. So much fun stuff here, Sam. Great ideas. I want lots of costumes.

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