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TSTO Dragons Den: THOH 2016 Pt. 2

October is a few days away and this update is nearly over. The nights are also getting darker … which can only mean one thing – the earth is spinning at a constant rate on an axis. But is also means Halloween is around the corner, which means … So is the annual THOH event 👻 (cue horror scream).

This is Part 2 of a ramble style pitch of what I want to see in this year’s THOH event. For Part 1 which explains most content and the details click here. And read on for Part 2 …

Part 1 was loads of little ideas for content and themes whereas this part is mostly bigger, but less, continious ideas.

I believe Halloween will hit sometime next week, probably Tuesday or Wednesday, meaning that a teaser is close. I wanted to do this before the teaser and the speculation takes place. I didn’t want the speculation to alter my views on what I want to see because we will do a separate speculation post if one is needed.

This will be the first THOH event where we have Maggie. I think that calls for some special spooky skin for our favourite ickle baby. Rigillean Maggie has been a requested skin for a while and I second this.

A pirate skin would ask be adorable!!

One idea that came to me is a back from the dead theme which came to mind when the Addicts Bracket Challenge winner was announced to be Bleeding Gums Murphy (BGM).

If he is going to come into our games, then what form will he come into our games? Alive, Grave, Zombie or Ghost? The last two ideas got me thinking because a ghost version of BGM would be perfect content for a THOH event, especially when it (kinda) recently won the most wanted character award on the most used/viewed TSTO blog worldwide!

And BGM would fit perfect into a Back from the Dead themed event. In this theme we could see also see an ‘Alive’ skin for Maude – because I really don’t like Maude as a ghost.
Maude would make a much better character so a skin would be perfect – I would just pretend her alive version is the original and the ghost a skin for that!

I also briefly mentioned in Part 1 that heaven characters from the ‘How to get ahead in DEAD-vertising’ segment of THOH XXVVII would be good. To elaborate … Dead character skins and dead celebs (will we see more guest stars with Stephen Hawking recently added?) would be perfect in our games. Specifically I would like Heaven skins for: Krusty, Lincoln and Washington because it is convenient that we already have them as characters.

I can see the event now: Homer kills loads of characters, perfect opportunity for some great added permanent tasks (eg. Krusty at the woodchipper), and the dead characters try and get revenge on Homer. The team is lead by a mysterious leader … Maude! Why? Well, he did end up responsible for her death so … Enough said!

The above theme is a perfect way for EA to add some funny dialogue, cool skins, awesome animations and a fun addition. The Dead people could go round Springfield destroying it. Then at the end we could see Frink settle that if he turns the dead people back alive then they will stop. So, a way for us to then get alive skins for the dead characters – the perfect event!

But the ideas don’t stop there. Rewatching the opening couch gag from THOH XXIV which I highley reccomend watching before reading on. 

This scene and many other scenes from other Treehouse of horror’s gave me an idea for a Movie themed Halloween event – full of content from the many horror movie references.

The THOH XXIV couch gag was directed by Guillermo del Toro -“pacific rim” etc – and it is literally over flowing with references. Here are a few items I would like to see from it:

Three-Eyed Bird
Why not? Featured many times throughout episodes. If we get this then we need blinky! C’mon!!

Massive Lard Lad
I will keep repEAting this until we get it but for some reason I want a massive Lard Lad breaking free from the building and causing havoc
I think this could be a reference to Ghostbusters – Mr Puffy

Alfred Hitchcock (ghost or alive)

In this snippit we see Alfred Hitchock (RIP) who is reenacting a scene from his movie “The Birds” – popular with BigPhil.
I would love to see him in our game, with a task with Edna, but I don’t know how the rights thing works with him being dead.

Universal monsters

This includes: The Mummy, the Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Wolfman, Dracula, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and the Invisible Man. Would be great to see some generic monsters everyone knows strolling our towns.

Blade Homer

Not overly fussed about this but I know it would be popular with some Blade II fans. Finaly the radioactive rod actually affects Homer 😃

Lisa in Wonderland

This would fit perfectly into a THOH movie theme and it is not overly spooky or weird – like some references I didn’t mention.

there is a lot more! Eg. Cyclops Wiggum

Along the theme of THOH and movies there is so much that comes to mind. But the first thing that came to mind was more ‘Clockwork Orange’ parodying stuff. We already have Moog Moe and Clockwork Bart but more plEAse EA! Especially Clockwork Maggie – I can already imagine a task for her to beat up bobo:


New character collections for this movie theme: Clockwork characters and Universal Movie characters.

Although this event sounds great – I don’t know how likely it will be due to the many rights that it will concur.
The WizKids and many more content from that segment will always be on my wishlist but a magic or wizardy (mini)event would be better for that content.

Here’s a list of random content that I want to see (elaboration might come in future year’s Dragons Dens):

  • Frinkenstien
  • The Island of Dr Hibbert (skins and an upgradeable decoration for an extended ocean)
  • Roller Skate Disco (and other haunted rides)
  • The Grim Reaper (and a Grim Reaper skin for Homer)
  • Nightmare Willie

We’ve looked at content and themes. But now on for some features:

I rEAlly want community prizes to come back so plEAse bring them back whether it’s with this event or an upcoming one. But please don’t make it cliche and boring by putting it in every event.

I love events that include neighbour interaction. So a ‘trick or treat’ feature which works like the ‘naughty or nice’ list from Winter would be great. I like the idea of being able to buy pumpkin baskets so that neighbours can drop sweets which you can trade for event currency. Any feature to help or make visiting neighbours would be fun.

Night mode! Please please please EA. Isn’t it time we saw night, day and all weather’s in our towns. Halloween would be perfect for EA to turn the lights down for a spooky spectacular!

If you want to see some more night mode pics then go check out Toxicshark965’s awesome edited images here. He is a regular at the awesome home for TSTO nutcases TOuk <= go check it out!

That was an ultra fun ramble to write. Hope you enjoyed reading it.
Please tell us what you think in the comments below. What do you want to see? Agree/Disagree with any of my ideas? Super hyped? Ready for a bit of a tEAse? Then tell us below … Can’t wait to hear from you. Happy Tapping 😈👻😇


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  1. Brilliant Sam! I rEAlly hope thEAy are rEAding this 😀

  2. Great post Sam 🙂

    I love the idea of a movie themed event, and yes Maggie definitely needs a costume for her first Halloween.

  3. I would love to see Mr Hitchcock in the game.
    Great post, great ideas as always. Well done. 🙂

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