I know it is very tempting to quickly rush through the levels but PLEASE stop for two major reasons:

1) Why? Nothing happens after every Level just one donuts and considering the cursed glitch going round you really don’t want to rush!!!

2) A major glitch is spreading which is stopping players from Tapping and just displaying that cursed Bart error screen and if you rush through this then it could happen.


I am sure you can wait and when you look at the consequences then you NEED to stop!
EA are aware of this issue and are creating a fix that hopefully should be out soon!

So keep calm, relax, chill and just wait! Patches are coming and there is no point rushing incase EA have to “restart” Level 60 and the Bart error could result in a restart to Level 0!

Keep calm and be patient … Breath In …. Breath Out …. and happy not tapping!!!

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