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What I wanna see: British version

Hello guys and welcome to another post on what I want to see in the game: tapped out! Considering that today is St Georges Day (YEAH!), it possibly being Shakespeare’s birthday today (as we just assumed it was today!)…

… and on Thursday being the Queen’s birthday I thought I would mention what stuff I would love to see in our pocket sized towns with the theme of Great Britain!


The Simpsons has given us a heap of Characters, buildings and decorations that could fit nicely into our games! So let me mention a few:


How could we do a British theme without mentioning Her Royal Majesty!
Did you know that the queen featured (including shown on magazine covers) in 7 episodes! Thanks Em for that fact!
So why haven’t we received her yet! She would be a fun character but I don’t know if EA would have to get consent to put animations with her as some could be received as rude!

Secondly …


Simon Cowell (it’s OK bigphil01 breath!) I loved his part in the episode where Moe becomes a judge on American Idol! He would be a fun characters to put in our game and I can already think of tons of animations to go with him and a fun quest involving Moe and trying to find talent with different Springfielders auditioning!

My personal favourite …


Being a massive fan of harry potter I loved the cameo of JK Rowling, obviously voiced by herself. She would be a fun addition and it has potential for fun animations!

They are the main three I would like to see but I couldn’t leave without mentioning some more British characters that EA could add:

* Queen (the band)
* Sex Pistols
* Groundskeeper Wilma
* William Shakespeare

and there are loads more that you can find here

Now here are some buildings EA could add:

* Buckingham Palace: This would probably mess with the Springfield as it is British but we did get a Vegas event and that wasn’t Springfield!

* Tower of London – This could come with a short questline about Homer bringing back bad memories!

* There are a few glimpses of famous London buildings in various episodes that EA could add:


And one of my favourite buildings (reminded of it by Lee) from a funny scene …

There are probably plenty more that I will update the post  with!

So in conclusion I think that EA could involve a whole event with a British theme with prizes like a broken carriage, Simon Cowell, Beefeaters, Buckingham Palace and the list goes on! It would even be a chance for EA to bring back Shery Bobbins (a MUCH wanted item!)

So what do you think of my rundown! Did I miss any main British buildings or characters that feature in the Simpsons? If i see any mentions that I like then I will update this post with it! Answer in the comments and see if your suggestion enters the post! Happy St Georges Day!

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  1. Having the sex pistols in my game would rock my world ♡

  2. I’ve said it before, everything English from every episode ….
    J.K. Rowling was in one episode, don’t know why you would pick Simon Cowell over her …… Same episode had “Dame Judy’s drive in fish and chips” which they visited on a tour bus 🙂

  3. simpsons rules

    April 23, 2016 at 3:44 pm

    Yeah EA are you listening? Let Britian been involved

  4. simpsons rules

    April 23, 2016 at 2:45 pm

    What about the londen eye or big ben or prince Charles who could have quest with ralph

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