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Why I love the Talking Krusty Doll

6 months 1 day and counting … 😉🕦

Halloween is upon us! Time for Springfield to fog up, old items to he dusted off and brought into the store and time for some ultra cool, new items for our Springfield. Apart from the weirdly random and confusing plot, I am loving this event! Sooooooo many cool items and a lot of items that have been requested for years. 

This post won’t be a grateful ramble on the new, saving that for an upcoming post, but more of a mini ramble on why I love an item that has been brought back.

Part of this post could be used as a ‘Should I Buy’ but I am trying to stop the SIB info posts, go to Addicts for those, unless it is an item I love – therefore can ramble about it. So, let’s begin …

The Talking Krusty Doll is part of the Flashback Bundle #4 or you can buy it individually for 60 donuts. I had to buy it individually this year because I already had Devil Flanders and it just didn’t look like a pleasing item other years. This years I had a massive bank of donuts so I decided to open up the sprinklies savings and get it.

It’s adorable!!!
Honestly, when you tap it and see the hearts rise, your heart will melt. 

I love it. NPCs are a bit of a hit and miss with me – some of them are overpriced but some of them have that special factor that makes me confirm that donut spend and this is one that I just keep tapping for the sheer cuteness and love! 

It’s also voiced, adding to the overall fun and cute factor! Not many NPCs are voiced. This one is just special! I know with Kristy being voiced it wouldn’t be that hard to get a speaking Krusty Doll – it would be false advertisement if not (Talking Krusty Doll) – and tapping and hearing the phrase of I’m Krusty the Clown, and I love you very much brightens my day instantly, especially with the rising balloons adding to the adorable factor. And the other phrase Krusty say die! still seems to be cute as he lifts his knife – it’s got to be THOH/Halloween related in some way and his awesome killer reminder is another reason why I love it!

A major factor as to why I spilt the sprinklies and love it is because it came from my favourite THOH segment: Clown without Pity! The segment had it all (in my eyes!): tension, humour, jump scares and a cute killer clown. 

For those who save the donuts and don’t really feel for this purchase than 60 donuts is quite a bit to spend – maybe pass. But for those who can afford it – get it, if you like it, pick it up! You won’t regret tapping him and feeling the instant love with a fictional, app killer clown (only EA could do that!).

Maybe in the future they will offer a bundle of the House of Evil, Shopkeeper (he would be new!), the Talking Krusty Doll and the chance to get them individually for those who already have any of the bundled items – *wink wink EA!*

I won’t even mention that a few years ago there was a temporary run away task for homer with this clown! That is cruel EA 😢, bring it back (with the bundle, maybe?😉)

A short little ramble that you will start to see a lot off. If you want to know my opinions on Burns Monster: Meh, not really bothered by it – bit boring, pass unless love it.

Who knew a mini clown could make me so happy? What does the queen of NPCs think of this purchase? Are you letting this clown go crazy in your Springfield? How many times a day do you tap it? REAdy for that bundle that I keep begging EA for? How is your Springfield doing with Halloween? Getting a bit bored? Ready for Christmas already? We want to know it all, seriously the comment section doesn’t bite, use it. Happy tapping you spooky sky fingers …

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  1. I bought ages ago like it when walks around my Springfield

  2. Now I feel like I have to buy it! 😀

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