Hey guys! Hope your enjoying the event! I’m here to give you an rundown of a few lil updates and tweaks that I have made to the site! So are a few features to check out and give feedback on …

1) Scroll down to the bottom and you will see a footer. In this footer has been different wigits! I have updated that and added:

* A calendar – this gives you chances to see what posts I wrote on what days.
* TOuk Blog Rules – When I first moved to the new domain one of my close VR friends Em (administrator at TopiX and TOuk) made a great comment about rules for the TOuk community so I added in the rules! If you want to check out full rules then check out the page on it in the menu or click here

At the footer you will also find a chance to follow this blog by email (what are you waiting for…), search for posts and loads more! And a new feature at the very bottom of the page to follow via WordPress! You can also find this feature at the bottom of every post or page.

2) NEW BANNER – Most of you will have noticed but if you haven’t then we have a new banner! This banner will be updated for every Mini-Update/Event/Level/Gil deal etc to keep it unique and fresh! Do you like the banne

3) Countdown – You might know that there is a Current Event page with all the info for the current event compiled into 1 page! Sorry that the Act 1 info is bland but Act 2 is a lot better and with the arrival of Act 3 creeping upon us then you should get all the info you need! Find the page here!

Whilst you are there you will see a new feature! A countdown clock!!!

This countdown clock countdowns the days,hours,minutes and second untill the next act or event ends.

4) New email: My new blog email is sam@tapped-out.co.uk so if you have any questions/concerns or want to write a blog post then email me at the address mentioned above!

So they are the new features that have arrived or are coming soon! Like any of the new features? Looking forward to WD? Enjoying the event? Answer below and Happy Tapping …

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