The Frontier craze is coming to a slow end but for the last hurdle of the event EA introduced crafting (or trading) for the event! Crafting has been around for many events (monorail, casino etc) but unlike most events crafting, for the Wild West, was introduced near the end of the event not throughout.

Wild West Helpline Crafting

In the post you will find the answer to all of the below questions:
– What is “crafting”
– What is there to craft?
– How do I craft?
– Should I craft?

So let’s start with the simple – What is “crafting”?

You will have noticed that I put crafting in quotation marks and that is due to the fact that I wouldn’t call it crafting in this event but many forums, sites etc call it so!

My definition of event crafting is:
Trading in multiple resources to make a different item
But for non-confusion purposes I will call it crafting throughout this post!

Crafting was made available on Wednesday the 25th if you had collected all finale pieces. So …

What is there to craft?

I made an image from my own town to show you what there is to craft:

Crafting Items

How do I craft?

This is an easy answer … Go to your Wild West menu (by either the Gummy Joe link in the main menu or the gold manning icon) and select the item you want. Then you will be asked to place it and when you press that tick then the specific currency will be decreased from your stash.

Should I craft?

It really is up to you and what you would like in your town. The first thing I did when I noticed the crafting feature was check what items were available at the General Store in the future. I noticed that there will be no more cactus rocks for General Store trades but there will be a few barrels and one covered waggon. So if you want more rocks then craft some more because you won’t get any more free ones. If you just want one or two covered waggons, barrels etc then wait until the general store day.

I love the hitch post and covered wagon and if you have finished the event, got loads of currency (enough to trade in small amounts for General Store trades) then I recommend stocking up on rocks, barrels etc because you never know when you will want to do a Wild West redesign.

So I hope I answered all your questions about crafting but if you have any more questions then please comment. Do you want (or need!) another helpline for a different topic – Level 60 or Wild West – then comment below as well!

Happy Tapping


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