On this page you will find all the infomation for every update that was released in the Wild West event!

Wild West Event
Whacking day 2016
Level 60+ update

Wild West Event

Howdy partners! It’s cowboy time as our tiny towns have gone back in time to the Wild West! Trade resources and unlock prizes to go with your Western part of town!
On this page you will find all the posts you need to help you progress through the event! Enjoy reading the posts and be sure to leave comments!

Sentences in italics are posts coming soon!

Fun and Speculation
Cowboy event is live!
Event Tips
Next Act Preparation

Act 1 questline
Act 2 Questline
Act 3 Questline

Item Runthroughs
Act 1 items
Act 2 Items
Act 3 Items
Eventwide Items

All the Crafting information you need!

Gil deal
Dialogue and Info

Prize Overviews
Act 1 prizes
All you need to know: Wes Doobner

Act 2 – Tumbleweed and 200 guns
Act 2 – Ordnance Express and 400 hats
Act 2 – Outlaw Snake and 200 guns
Act 2 – The Kid with no name and 800 pickaxes
Act 2 Final Prize – Corral and Princess

Act 3 – Frontier Water Tower and 100 coins
Act 3 – Frontier Cementery, Mortician Carriage and 200 guns
Act 3 – Blacksmith, Part a Parcel and 200 coins
Act 3 – Longshot Skinner and 400 hats
Act 3 – Carl’s Dad Caverns

Whacking Day 2016

Whacking day returns this year with returning items and some fun questlines! Go through the questline to get an exclusive free item!

Whacking Day 2016 and The Whack is Back
Whacking Day 2016 items
Simprovised (what we know)
Quick Quests: Whacking Day 2016

Level 60 level update

Level 60 has begun!
Card Handy Walkthrough
All you need to know: Homerlayas
The origin of Raphael and the Googolplex

This page will be updated with posts based around the event but for now enjoy and Happy Tapping! 🙂

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