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WWW: First meeting


Every so often, maybe once a month, I will hold a meeting about What We Want (in the tapped out game). Every meeting will host maybe a teaser or an idea and every post will include a poll for you to vote about the current matter. Hope you enjoy these meetings and the chance for you to express what you want in TSTO!

I was wondering the other day about what future event (like the casino event) or mini event (like the Springfield Fire Department) is going to be next. Earth Day is coming up so will EA release an event based around Lisa and improving your tree-hugging stars. It would be a perfect time for EA to bring back characters like Jesse Green.

I hope they do an earth day mini event but what other wonders lay in the future for EA. We know we got a teaser for an event in the future with a desert scenery.

Desert Teaser

What could this mean? What do you think EA will bring with the new update?

In the future, when EA releases a new update, we can compare the poll results with what EA brings. Whatever EA brings I am sure that it will be fun. Look out for more posts on the Crook and Ladder event and make sure to enter the poll and comment on more stuff EA could bring and what YOU want!

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  1. I so hope its a badlands event. Like when the simpsons went off the grid!

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